10 Facts That Will Change How You Think About Opportunity and Entrepreneurship

12th Jul, 2017

“Starting your own company is a walk in the park!” said No entrepreneur ever. However, when entrepreneurs see a valuable opportunity, they dive in head first. Why? Because this could be a great lead for them to take their dreams to the next level. Below are 10 intriguing facts that will change your perspective on opportunity and entrepreneurship:


  1. Top 25 most entrepreneurial countries are not developed counties.

What does this insinuate? That in developing countries, people gravitate towards starting a venture because they have identified opportunities to be seized.


  1. Jack Ma, Founder of Alibaba, was rejected from 30 jobs, including KFC. So who are you to give up?

Rejection can be viewed as an opportunity for you to think beyond employment. Jack Ma is now one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world!


  1. According to Research conducted by Kauffman Foundation, 75 percent of entrepreneurs are actually older than 34Age, therefore, should not be an excuse to not chase your dreams.


  1. Kauffman also discovered that 75.4% of the respondents were previously employed for more than 6 years before starting their own companies.

Employment allows you to acquire a set of skills and knowledge needed in being a successful entrepreneur.


  1. Education is imperative.

In this new era, competition is high. Therefore, it is essential to acquire at least a college degree before pursuing entrepreneurship. The chances of you being a Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg (in regards to dropping out of Harvard) are now becoming slimmer.

  1. People are choosing entrepreneurship for opportunity, not necessity.

That is the whole essence of becoming an entrepreneur. Right?


  1. Getting out of your comfort zone.

Being an entrepreneur means that you are a risk taker. Take a leap of faith on your new venture and you never know what fruits it’ll bear. To give you that extra confidence, KCB Insurance has a range of covers that might be of use to you as a new business owner.


  1. Success does not happen overnight.

Remember that! It takes determination, hard work and perseverance to become a successful entrepreneur. Most importantly, you need to be patient. Success is most likely going to take longer than a year.


  1. Every day comes with new challenges.

Nobody said it was going to be easy being an entrepreneur. In fact, this is probably going to be the toughest times in your life. But look on the bright side, hey? Hard work does pay off (your bank account will thank you later!)


  1. Learning from mistakes.

As an entrepreneur, this becomes your mantra. Not everything you do will be a success. Richard Branson has had his fair share of failed brands. Acknowledging mistakes and recovering are critical skills for an entrepreneur.


I hope these facts were enlightening enough? We, at KCB, would like to offer support by helping you with your business financial needs. With KCB MPESA, you can take up a loan and enjoy repayment periods of 30 days. We are simply simplifying your world to enable your progress.

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