Because KCBae loves you! (CS Week)

5th Oct, 2018

It’s customer service week and since Monday, I’ve been sitting in KCBae’s CS department just to see how things are ran there. And to be honest kiherehere yangu couldn’t allow me to just sit outside the party. Nili-make mistake ya kuambia Sospeter to tag along but napambana na hali yangu.

This decision was also inspired by all the freebies and goodies making rounds in that department this week particularly. This week sijaenda  ile base ya Koja kwenye tunakulanga chipo kama tumesimama.

These guys are pretty chill. They made sitting space for me and Sospeter who had, by now, fichad some food in a dish for later. Sospeter ni wale neighbours wa shaggz mkiwa na event. He got space next to me. As in there is no ditching this guy ever. I got to walk around with the head honcho at CX, Job Njiru – who by the way is a professional rally navigator. Talk about cool bosses. Guy on the right, how about it?!

I hang out with AW, HG, CK and them. Nyinyi hamtawai jua jina zao. Salimianga watu, Witty Banker knows people. They walked us through what they do and how they go about sorting your customer queries. It was pretty early na Wakenya sijui ni nani aliwaroga because when it clocked 10 O’Clock, vituko vikaanza pale Twirra.

It’s like kuna kengele mahali that lets you know, ‘It is time to make noise’. But these men and women are on top of it and with it. It is pure madness.

So Sospeter and I decided to help because the situation required all hands on deck. And the complaints were about everything and anything. Si tulisema tunaeza ‘work under pressure under minimal supervision’? My fren the last time nilitetemeka hivyo I think mzazi alikuwa amesema mimi na giza tusikuje home pamoja and I was already past curfew.

If you watch medical dramas, imagine how the docs and surgeons, fellows, nurses and interns run around doing their best to save lives. That picture has way too many similarities with what I’m witnessing this week as I sit in this department.

Still, through it all, they can throw a little banter here and there. They still carry on the conversation with you even after the query has been sorted. They make lemonade from all the lemons thrown at them. While we tweet our problems from hotels and our homes or offices, these guys don’t even catch a break. Theirs is a life of constant pacing and working lunches. They don’t have by-the-water- dispenser conversations or a minute to take a selfie tagging #Workflow. They work hard.

Sitaji mtu but kuna mtu amejam juu hawezi kopa KCB M-PESA mara mbili mfululizo. Mwingine alikuwa anataka tu namba ya CK after kutuchezesha PE kwenye DM. But pia huwa mnajam, heh. When was the last time you tweeted a brand to thank them when everything was smooth? Wacha nitembeze…





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