2016. The Good. The Bad. The Crazy

20th Dec, 2016

If you ask, many would define 2016 as the black sheep of the nearing decade. It’s been an extraordinarily out-of-tune year that occasionally delighted, frightened and radicalized the public.

It was historically-marked as an extraordinary year – from the surprise choice of the U.S. president-elect, Donald Trump to the passing of the infamous Cuban leader, Fidel Castro. Overall it’s been a tumultuous year for many around the world.

The refugee crisis saw migrant numbers rise across Europe and with that, a backlash that had a lasting effect. Many European nations emerged in 2016 with right-wing policies that resulted in BREXIT signalizing a power change to come.

For however bland 2016 is considered to be, one can’t deny the amazing music that was introduced to the world. From Beyoncé, Rihanna, Drake and Frank Ocean, the public heard multiple voices speak to them and share their sentiments on the changing-scope of things. Beyoncé introduced Lemonade in the form of a visual movie that united the message of female empowerment, black unity and everlasting romance. Other artists additionally took a political stance in their lyrics including Kanye West and Radiohead. The passing of visionaries, Prince and David Bowie was tragically marked and felt by many around the world.

Kenya had a major bounce in tourism from the international coverage received for the various conferences and renowned visitors hosted during 2016. The country hosted major conferences including TICAD (Tokyo International Conference on African Development) which saw more than 20 African leaders’ descend on the country and AGRF (African Green Revolution Forum), which was highlighted by the attendance of Bill Gates.

Kenya additionally hosted various dignitaries including Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, India Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Japan Prime Minister Shinzō Abe, among many. Mark Zuckerberg also visited Kenya in 2016, and praised the country for its vibrant entrepreneurial community.

As for 2017, we can only hope that the stars will shine brighter and be optimistic about the days ahead of us.

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