A Weekend of Champions

25th Jul, 2019

Sometimes unakumbuka siku za kusema ‘Walapa’ na ‘Walapangaz’ and can’t help but think the slang these days just evolves in a very random way, but I digress. Anyway, I’m back and I’m better, with more juicy vibes on what went down this past weekend. Those who love sports (like Sospeter and I) were spoilt for choice. From Autocross to Rugby, Volleyball to Chess, tulirepresent – it was a Super Sunday!

The KCB Autocross was back and judging from the experience I had last time, I had to make an appearance huko Naks. The Autocross is sort of like Rally except for the fact that it allows the petrol-heads and speed junkies to partake in car shenanigans (By car shenanigans I mean, races, food, drinks, music and all round good vibes) It was epic my guy- there were people swarming in and out of the park, excited about the races. Na wacha nisianze story, there was lots of yummy food on-ground (nilishiba wasee), DJ alikua juu – as in… you had to be  there to experience the awesomeness.

Sospeter naye alienda Kakamega kusupport the boys, Rugby 7s things. (BTW alichukua leave ya Friday, akisema he’s gone for a wedding, kidogo kidogo we’re seeing him in pics with the guys lifting the trophy – Wakenya! – SMH). Anyway, we broke the so called jinx – to lift the inaugural Kakamega 7s series on Sunday evening, edging out Homeboyz 21-12 in a thrilling showdown. Naskia the celebration was serious – probably why Sospeter hajarudi job bado. The boys are back at it this weekend – as all roads lead to Meru for the Kabeberi 7s.

Watu wa chess pia hawakuachwa nyuma, huku Nairobi the KCB chess team edged out Equity Bank 3.5-1.5  to extend their lead at the Chess Kenya standings with 54 points. Sijui what exactly this means (hehe), but najua we’re ahead. BTW once of these days I need to start attending those games, siwezi toka hii bank nikijua kucheza tu draughts and we’ve have a quality Chess team.

Last but not least, Volleyball. This is where I shine – back in form three I used to be a champion. I remember the time I led the team to victory, even with a sprained wrist. I got said injury slashing grass of all things – nilikua nimetokea kwa list ya noisemakers (BTW why were noise makers even a thing? How were we supposed to communicate with one another….) the week before the finals. But this isn’t about me, it’s about the KCB ladies emergering victorious, after winning five consecutive games with margins of 3-0, they also thumped Kenya Pipeline 3-0.

Anyway, I think hii weekend nitakua tu indoors – but mtu akiamua kunitolea form, pia siwezi mind.

Over & Out

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