Affordable Activities to Do This January

24th Jan, 2020

We are now in week 6 of January with 4 more to go to the end of the month, or so it seems. Are you one of those people who kulad enjoyment the whole of December with the mentality that January would sort itself out? Eeh, mbona hamuimbi ‘parte after parte’ sahii? Instagram yangu imenyamaza sana. Anyhu ebu let me not judge, mimi na wewe tuko same Wozzap.

Seeing as we still have so much time to kill before the end of the month, hatuwezi kaa ndee. Imagine you can still have fun with those your small shillings. Ndio utajua kuball on a budget ni nini. Here’s a list of activities you can still do during these trying January times:

Indoor cookout

My fren itabidi umewacha kwenda hizi lunch na dinner outings. Call the crew, ambia kila mtu akuje na kasomething and take it from there. You won’t believe the amount of fun you can have indoors. We hope at least ulinunua gas before the December shenanigans.

Weekend workouts

If you’re one of those people who decided to start the gym in 2020, good for you. Lakini ati how much was gym again? If you don’t have the extra cash to pay for a gym subscription, you can always take a hike or cycle in Karura over the weekends. This can be a good start as you in your fitness journey Budget your better in Feb then maybe you can make your way to your local gym.


Wengine wenu you can’t go a weekend without kukanyaga club. Since you’re already on a tight budget, spend your money wisely. Leave your cards at home and carry cash. This way you’ll only spend what you have alafu uende home. Mambo ya kutoka club 7 haiwes mek January.


Aki but when was the last time you got involved in charity work? This is definitely an activity you can do and it doesn’t have to cost you anything. Whether it’s visiting a home, hospital ama jela, donating stuff or whatever, utatoka hapo ukiskia poa sana. Giving back is always so rewarding.


Duf mpararo is always a plan. A good, cheap plan- that’s what we’re going for anyway. Kwanza you should take advantage of this good January weather (lakini of late inekuwa na mood swings). Ita squad mwende swimming. Itabidi umewacha kuonea maji tu kwa shower.

However you decide to do it, I hope you are having fun this Njaanuray. Na by the way, mmeanza ku-plan Valentine’s?

Over and Out,

Witty Banker

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