All You Need To Know About Wood & Furniture

8th Dec, 2016

Selecting furniture for a new home can be really fun! You get to imagine the style you want and the space it will go into. But what about the materials? Will your coffee table be made out of wood? What kind of wood? There are over 100,000 different species of wood out there. That’s a lot of wood, and thus, A LOT of decisions to be made!

Furniture and wood carvings made in Kenya are mainly derived from indigenous trees such as Rosewood, Mvuli, Olivewood and Muhugu. Each of these have their own unique factors, so you can be sure that you will always get a great quality piece that not only will you enjoy, but one that can be passed on for generations to come.

For your furniture one needs it to be sanded and oiled to smooth and highlight the gorgeous pattern in the grain and knots on the wood.

Rose wood. This type of wood is typically used as firewood, timber, poles, posts, tool handles, fodder, for erosion control and as windbreakers. Oil is extracted from the seed and tannin from the bark.

This is also the best wood to use for artistic pieces in your home, such as a glass pane placed on two tree trucks providing you with an interesting versatile coffee table.

Olive wood. Olive wood is very hard, strong and durable. Before they are felled, olive trees have thick, irregular trunks and knotted branches, making for interesting-shaped planks that are rarely angular.

It is deep brown in colour with strong, oil-like grain patterns that are a beautiful distinguishing feature: no two olive wood products are identical. Guaranteeing that you will have beautiful, unique and long-lasting pieces.

Mvuli. This tree has the most attractive timber for quality furniture and was extensively used by early settlers and also harvested for export. It is now totally overexploited in Kenya with only a few trees remaining in moist forests such as Kakamega and Shimba Hills.

Muhugu. Among one of the tribes, the Kamba, it is one of three major carving woods. The fine, wavy-lined, exceptionally hard and smooth wood finishes very well, and is extremely durable in the ground or in water. Muhugu is also almost impenetrable to wood borers and termites.

Woodcarvers find it easy to manipulate this wood and make animal carvings out of it for export. Animal carvings always serve as lovely additions to your homely space. They can help give the room a different edge and bring the wilderness inside.

There are no longer any rules when it comes to how one can design their space. Wood pieces are no longer strictly limited to tables and chairs. Wood may be known for its timeless visual appeal, but there’s nothing static about the way people showcase it in homes.

Designers and homeowners are re-discovering the warmth and beauty of wood. From inventive new uses to re-interpretations of existing styles, they’re finding creative ways to use wood throughout the home.

From table coverings to sea grass rugs- while these are not technically wood they can also add an organic feel to your space. Shades, shutters and blinds are also an easy way to convey warmth into your space.

Bowls and vases are among a range of home accessories complimented with a touch of wood that can match almost any style in your home. Designers are creating stools out of animal carvings, giving spaces a quirky twist.

We hope that this makes you a more informed wooden furniture enthusiast. However we cannot forget to maintain the environment. With that in mind, ensure that you are part of the global drive to re-plant our indigenous trees.

Even as we look to build striking spaces that reflect our characters we must not overlook the effect it has on the environment. We ought to ensure that we plant two trees for every one brought down, and never forget that a great piece of wooden furniture can never run its course.

Never dispose furniture or wooden sculptures. Opt to recycle, re-shape or donate in such a way that you can transfer the pleasure of a timeless ornament.

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Furniture defines our homes, don’t be left behind.

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