Can I caption all my pics with #JetLife? Ama it’s too soon?

23rd Nov, 2018

Mimi mnishikilie ama nisiwahi rudi Nairobi mimi. ( Mnishikilie sita rudi Nairobi tena )

Sospeter, myself and the entire Biashara Club team made it back from our China trip. Miguu ya kuku sasa imekua a ‘fave’. Ubaya ya nyinyi watu hamjatembea hamtawahi jua vitu vizuri. Utasema ‘My favourite food is pizza’ hadi lini nani? Si you redeem Simba Points uende hata kama ni hapa UG. By the way, maneno ya Bobi Wine mmefikisha wapi?

Anyhu, so I landed and after like three days I was on my way to Rwanda. I can already hear some of you sucking y’allz teeth because ‘Why couldn’t she just take a bus?’ right?

But I am reminded that I shall be HIGHLY✈ favored before my enemies’ ????

There’s something of cleansing that happens to your body as you disembark that flight and breathe in that Rwandese air. Huku sidhani watu wanasiaga Sukuma ku-detox.

I can’t even put in words but since a lot of you had initially cried foul; Rwanda being named the ‘African country with the cleanest air’ haikuwa chocha. Some things just seize to exist. You know, like… that constant rough feelings on your palms have juu ya kujishikilia kwa matatu or else…

That scaly feeling disappears as you leave the airport. Mimi nimesema watu waredeem watembee Rwanda. You cannot make this stuff up.

I had gone on a work trip to meet the marketing team ya KCB Rwanda to discuss how to bring your quality content like this across the region. It was great meeting them. They have the same energy as our guys pale Kencom. Bubbly, adventurous, brilliant people! I felt right at home (except the fact that everyone is a looker na mimi sura ziliniangusha. Napambana tu)

I could go on and on about the marvelous things I was shown in Rwanda. I will just talk about something absolutely mind-blowing that was the embodiment of simplicity being genius’!

My good people took me to the Western and Southern provinces of the country. I needed to take Instagram pics of the beautiful hilly terrain. I noticed droned kadhaa just doing rounds. Y’all can relax. Sikusema siri zetu za kulazimisha hadi nzi itafute license ????

So they explained that the drones were the solution to transporting blood units from blood banks to remote hospitals. AS IN???!!! Because trucks and cars would get stuck and often break down in the mud under the hilly rainy conditions.

Trucks would take a whopping 5 hours to transport the blood while drones take… wait for it 20 minutes! I met a guy who was monitoring the drones via satellite. He works for their MoH. Small small he tells me how they have flown over 5K flights and transported over 7K units of blood. **exclaims in Maina Kageni**


I’m so glad I made the right connects in China. Nashikana na nani tukatafute tender?



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