Catching up with my high school pal

13th Dec, 2018

Don’t try and pretend you haven’t been wondering who this Sospeter is, eh? Well, here I am. Nimejileta, sijatumana. Leo Wafula hajaingia job alienda hiyo award ceremony ya MSK. Na si you know Wafula hajazoea vitu zingine, ahem!


Mipango ya 2019 aje sasa? Hata before twende huko, how many managed to accomplish at least half of the things they set out to achieve this year? (Cricket sounds…..) I guessed so. Lakini haina wass December imefika na sasa nikujiachilia ama niaje?


Besides kulipa rent, food and kudundain’, ni muhimu to plan ahead. Juzi I was talking to a pal of mine, catching up on how life has been. Remember those high school pals you thought you’d do life with alafu immediately after clearing school, you forget them completely. Actually, they called me and set up a meeting in tao. I was fefte-fefte about going then I decided to go.


Boyz alikuja amedunga suti kali sana and a serious watch to his wrist. The last I had seen him on IG alikuwa a struggling motivational speaker talking about how things don’t always turn out like you planned them to but you have to keep at it. I got very curious to know what he was up to these days.


He ordered coffee latte and some other cake hapo Java I’ve never heard of. You know somebody by what they order at a restaurant. Besides, he was paying. We chapad’ some funny storos from high school and even got past the usual question of ‘what do you do?’ I was happy to tell him about working for KCBae hapo na Wafula, I mean it is always a big deal ama niaje?


When it was his turn to respond, he talked about starting a car spare parts business with some savings and the biashara is doing very well. Did I mention he drove himself to the meeting? Mimi hapo I had to dandia a boda boda because I was running late and I was stuck in the crazy Mombasa road traffic.


I was impressed. By the suit and the progress this mjamaa was making. I asked him where the shop was (as if I had a motie of mine to buy spare parts for) then I asked him which bank he banked with. (Saa zingine mimi hukuwa na maswali tu ivi ivi, pardon me.)


We talked talked kiasi and he told me he is not yet done with starting businesses. Next year he is starting an electronics import biashara. He also mentioned that he’s been setting up the legal side of the business and will kick start once his KCB Goal Savings account matures. At this point I almost hugged him. Not for starting the business, but for mentioning a KCB Goal Savings account. I felt like he was the friend I never lost, always loyal to the course. If you know you know.


Long story short, I’m considering getting on board in business with him, as an investor. Hata mimi KCB Goal savings account yangu inamature December. I had planned to spend it all on a vacation to buntwani huko Malindi and later head out to Zanzibar but it seems I might just settle for nexflix and chilli crisps with bae and start a new business venture for a change. Si kila mtu needs a side hustle in this Nairofi of ours, aye? Don’t say sijakuchanua Boss. Open a KCB Goal Savings Account today.

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