Deadline Woes!

23rd Sep, 2019

Watuuu, mnajua niajeeee! Aaah man, I love that Friday feeling. I’m excited because hii weekend sina shughuli mingi! Netfilx and chill ndio form.

As part of my savings plan, nimeona at least every other weekend na tulia tu mfuko ipumue kiasi. Si kama last weekend. Last week plan ilikua usafi, spring cleaning mwenda! All because of the deadline.

What deadline you ask? Let me start from the beginning. Around July hivi on another Saturday morning, Sospeter happened.

He has a plan he tells me. His uncle kule Kajiado had just harvested some potatoes and needed help to get them to marikiti in town. Would I be willing to help? It was easy cash to be made. All we had to do was go there, load the truck and get it to Nairobi. Could he pick me up in an hour?

Mimi ni nani? Niliona tu madollar signs and soon we were headed to pick up those warus.

Lakini Sospeter!! What he called easy money was hours and hours of physical labour. Tulichapa kazi kama punda za lamu. By the time hizo viazi zifike soko it was well past midnight and my feet were dead. But, mfuko ilikua poa. His uncle had given us 10k cash each and I felt like I could pay the Chinese. When I got home, in my tired haze, I put away the cash for safe keeping and as a reward to myself, I slept in on Sunday.

Monday mimi huyooo na lauka nipitie bank ni load pesa kwa savings account. However, I couldn’t find the money. I had hidden the cash a little too well. Nilisaka hio dough ni kama nimerogwa. I knew it was in house, but where? I couldn’t find it! So walipo announce the deadline ya kuchange cash from the old notes to the new notes, I became frantic. Our good uncle, being an old school guy, had paid us in the old notes. So something had to be done.

Nika brief mama fua akuje mapema ju lazima tungezipata. Tungefua hadi curtains tukitafuta hizo dough. And guess what? I found them in the inside pocket of a jacket I had ditched at the very back of my kabad! Weh, hadi nilimhug. I gave her a g and this time, put the money where I could remember and took it to the bank first thing on Monday morning. Imagine ningezipata on the 1st of October? Machosi!

30th September ndio deadline ya kuchange noti za KSh 1000. Have you looked through all your hidey holes? Old jeans, jackets? Panga ka spring cleaning hivi na ukipata, peleka hizo noti kwa bank ama utashangaa mda ukiyoyoma.

Over and Out,

Witty Banker

Niko Waks

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