Deal or No Deal?

25th Oct, 2019

Oya! Oya! Friday murwa kabisa.

This weekend, na look forward to meeting up with my pals. Nimewahata after a kidogo hectic month. I’ve missed this band of characters sana. Kwa hii mbogi yetu, Sospeter ndio anakuwanga amechangamkia ujinga kama kawaida and I’m the one carrying the brains (obviously) and then there’s the ugly fine one (gotea Wafula hapa).

I’m also really looking forward to catching up with Sospeter’s exploits as the guy who always knows a guy and is always trying to close a deal somewhere.

Manze this guy is always trying to get into a chama, get an Uber business going, buy land etc. He is the ambitious one, always has something to say about the next big business idea.

Reminds me of time my pal who once messaged the group chat I am in saying how amepata pick up ya mahindi we can invest in and get the profit, which was a 40% return. As friends we saw an opportunity to invest in a profitable idea, lakini vile pesa zetu zilipotea na huyo farmer akalost pia is beyond us. We learnt a valuable lesson there about knowing what to invest in.

Starting and investing in a business is tricky sana. You never know what exactly is going to work or what will make your investment fruitful. Investing means being able to take up and manage risks, to make a profit. Ndio maana mimi huadmire watu kama Sospeter and the lengths they go to, to stay afloat and grow. Especially when you think about what it takes to get capital and money to expand.

I mean, all you have to do is watch KCB Lion’s Den to understand vile wasee hukazana. Like the guys selling camel milk and the people canning dried onions. It’s so inspiring when you get to see how these optimistic entrepreneurs battle to get the Lions to invest in their business and seeing how they prosper afterwards. It’s also a great place for aspiring business owners to get ideas of their own.

So every Tuesday at 8.00pm mimi hutulia na ka Ugali hivi for supper, nawasha KTN just to watch these guys in action. If I miss it for one reason or the other najua I can also always watch it online.

Lakini, wacha I prepare for kesho because I know Sospeter will be full of stories and I can’t wait to hear them all.

Over and Out

Witty banker.

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