December Planning Ndio Form!!

13th Sep, 2019

Hey guys!

It’s finally Friday again and it just occurred to me that we’ve started the last quarter of the year! Miezi ni nne tu and then its 2020! It’s almost like we blinked and all of a sudden it’s ‘Hello September’. Manze si a lot has happened this year. Speaking of the last quarter, do you remember any of the goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the year?

Let’s be real, setting New Year’s resolutions is a great thing, lakini most times ni kizungu mingi tu. Kwanza a guy like Sospeter. Mse alikua ametuchocha na gym and how he is going to be rocking muscle shirts by May like Vin Diesel in Triple X. Lakini here we are in September na bado yeye ni kijana fupi round.

Not saying that setting resolutions for a healthy change within the New Year is a bad move lakini tunajua situation kwa ground huwa different.

When my year began, I had decided to go on a saving mission, mostly because I figured my days as a spendthrift were over. Also, because adulting whew! Alafu pia, I wanted to travel a bit more, nifuate rally everywhere it goes na pia ni surprise msupa na ka Samsung A70 hivi. The plans were grand I tell you.

“Open a savings account”, they said, “saving is fun” they said. Safe to say, I did open a savings account with KCB and tried to save up a bit over the first three months. Having never done anything of the sort, hio story ilikua hard kiasi. Before I knew it, the mission was aborted and I was back to spending my money aimlessly nikama nikona allowance elsewhere smh.

Now we are here, December ndio hiyo, na after what happened last Christmas, sitaki kujipata nikipea ngombe nyasi tena. I have realized that I wasn’t exactly killing the game at my savings.

So imebidi nichangamke kiasi. If I start saving now for 3 months, by mid December, nitapata dough smart. This time nitajaribu the KCB Goal Account. This account allows you to set saving target periods of 3, 6 or 12 months. Kikiumana, during that time, I can borrow up to 100% of what I have saved up, so that gives me a bit of leeway.

So who’s with me? Even my boy Sospeter is planning on doing it too. Apparently he saving up to pay one of those IG model trainers and ship in some fitness gear from majuu. Haina neno, bora the Goal is set, tutapambana.

Over and Out,

Witty Banker.


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