Fom ya Valentine’s ni gani?

11th Feb, 2019

Is it me ama February inakimbia sana? If January was the full marathon, Feb must be the sprint. I’ve also noticed something, the ladies have been really dressing up, na makeup hivi hivi imeongezeka. Juzi I saw Wafula pale kwa water dispenser chatting another mami and I couldn’t help eavesdrop. The guy has some lame lines, that’s for a fact.


Kumbe hii makeup yote ni juu ya Valentine’s Day, which by the way is just around the corner. Na venye hii mwezi inakimbia hata hatujalipa madeni za Njaanuary and here comes Valentine’s running towards us. Oh boychild! (Insert DJ Shitty’s voice).


So, if you’re like me and happen to be on that list of people who are expected to do something on Valentine’s let me share with you some tips. You know I’ve also been doing my own research hapa kule. Hauwezi kaa tu ndeee and not do something for your loved one, my fren’ utakula block.


The first thing you need to do is understand that Valentine’s is not just for love birds. My guy you can pull a Valentine’s special for your Mum or siz. It’s all about showing some love to the ones you love. Then brings up the question, how do you do that?


It doesn’t have to be an expensive thing. For instance, you could whip up a favourite meal for your loved one or go all romantic and sing them a song you’ve rehearsed for some time. Just focus on putting a smile on their face. Na aki insist on flowers, tuma zile za Whatsapp. (Hizi ni life hacks nani). We know some of you are reducing expenses and saving on KCB MPESA for your end year goals. We are all about making you smart this 2019.


For the poetics, wale watu wa dedz za high school. You could write a heartfelt message for your loved one and post it. Then sit back, relax and watch yourself score some with that Fresh Prince of Belair stuff. Smooth, don’t you think?


And here’s the deal fam, I don’t know who decided that Valentine’s should fall smack in the middle of the month. Mungu anamuona. In case the money reserves are running low and you need to pull one for him or her on Valentine’s Day, KCBae’s got your back.


Simply head to KCB MPESA on your Mpesa menu and request a loan. Hakuna haja you be left behind yet you can solve the problem easy-peasy. Get sorted with chumz and make them smile. Besides, Valentines happens once a year, make this one memorable before you get to do it all over again next year, no? Issorait.

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