Football Fans, Oyaaa! March Is About To Be Lit!

28th Feb, 2020

Wasee mko poa? I hope so… Aki juzi while seated at my desk nilikuwa nikiangalia calendar ya March nikitafuta public holiday. Wah imagine my disappointment when I realized Easter is the next time nitakuwa able kurelax vipoa. Guys, nimechoka, but we have to get this bread. Nikukumbuka those times nilikuwa najob hunt to no avail, I get motivation to put in this work! Especially knowing that so many of us youth hatuna job! Lakini aki the month of March is looking good. While we wait for Easter here’s some motivation to get you through.

So after the struggles of 100 days of Jan, here we are, back in the groove of things. I am probably speaking for us all when I say sahii ndio the year has began nicely for us all. Madeni zote za Jan zimelipwa (I hope. BTW don’t even risk getting into it with CRB), you’re used to waking up early and dealing with this traffic. BTW sijui nikuwe tu nikilala ofisi coz… Also, we had Valentine’s Day and we hope wengi wenu hamkuachwa coz of doing the bare minimum for our S/O’s. Si we decided together we were going to do better this year? Msiue chivalry please. And now that this very short month is coming to a close we hope you are as ready as me to tackle the rest of the 10 months.

Me na the mbogi have a lot planned for the month of March. Sospeter and Wafula wamedecide wamehata ball sana and we are going to support KCB FC for old time’s sake. As in, when was the last time you went to the stadi to watch a football game? Tunaplan kwenda road trip kadhaa lakini aki Sospeter always has the excuse of being broke when we are trying to organize something out of town. But what does this my friend spend his money on? Ama ni ule dame alikuwa anajaribu kuingiza box ndio anampeleka mbio? We need to have a conversation.

Pia kuna game inahappen at Wafula’s shagz in Bungoma and he is oh so excited. He has promised to be our tour guide and nimemwambia I’m really looking forward to eating ingoho and ugali during my stay there. I know he will come through! I know Wafula’s extended fam will come through also to support. Probably watajaza stadium coz enyewe they are many!

Those of you wondering how I’m so rich all of a sudden to be able to roadtrip, don’t be fooled. Sio ati nina pesa mingi sana mkuje mniibie! I’ve just have gotten my salo so I have some chums for enjoyment at least for those two first weekends. Also since I redeemed my Simba Points for gifting my family and showing off in shags in Dec, we are back to square one but zimeanza kuaccumulate coz I’m an avid user of my debit card. Imagine Sospeter didn’t know that using your KCB card to make payments is free! The audacity! Ama pia wewe uko same Wozzap?
So guys, kama unawes make, show up and show out for our very own KCB FC. Mpaka next time.

Over and out, The Witty Banker.

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