For the Love of the Little Ones

8th May, 2019

I hardly write about a topic twice but here we are.

Oh, poleni. Hi guys, thanks for joining me on another one of my weekly I-have-something-to-say-but-no-friends-for-audience! Y’all made me. I love you guys!

Now, I’ve been out here on the streets of KOT and MKZ (Twirra and FB) nikirandaranda on the comment section za KCBae (Btw, siku hizi si m’metuamulia mbayambaya😩). And I couldn’t help but notice how many amazing parents we (KCBae) have on the TL😍😍.

I mean, every time there’s a post about KCB Elimisha, you guys just floooood the comments with inquiries and I start to, literally, see my life.

I go back to the days tulikuwa tunagawanyishiwa pavement kuosha. Kwanza mine were like 9 tiles kwa chapel. I have never understood the teachers’ logic of hizo siku. It was such a mess if you’re not all present to do the cleaning at the same time. You’d end up with a clean patch of 9 tiles here; 6 of dust there. As in!!! But looking back it hits me, it was to teach all of us responsibility. With limited spaces to clean which wouldn’t be considered child labour VS the 1 thousand student population – cha muhimu ilikuwa kupata portion.

I digress. I’ve just been in deep thought about my days in school. The mischief. The fear of being ‘sent’ home while all the while being homesick. The funkies. The cliques (kwanza yetu had a name, nitauliza my buddie… it was one of us’ 3rd funeral anniversary juzi- may she continue resting in power❤). The teachers. The drama. The clubs (those that took us in and those that rejected us alike).

Isn’t it absolutely heartwarming yet heartbreaking to know that through your chaos, an already-stressed-out-person is literally giving their all for you? Hopeful that you will grow out of whatever shenanigans and vituko you show and bring home?

I have two siblings. The thought that the folks have had to go through this tummy-knotting experience literally has me feeling physical pain in my chest. Be right back.

My big bro conveniently had eye problems during the 2006 world cup. We inhaled that Kerugoya dust my friend. Tulikuwa tumeendea mgonjwa mwenye ata hakuwa mgonjwa and we all knew. But what compares to a parent’s love.

Mimi pia nilipata eye problems (this one just always sounded gisty). Mungu halali. Not too long after that my big bro and I were wearing spectacles. They say ‘malipo ni hapa hapa.’and ‘They’ didn’t lie.

Small small my small bro pia had his own vitukoz. I won’t even get into them yaani…

Okay labda moja. One day my bro called mom ati amesahau keyholder na the next day kulikuwa na game and he was afraid of losing his keys. Alipelekewa 😆

Imagine all this drama and then the stress of running a home; making sure you’re winning at work; ensuring the kiddos are okay; paying workers; probably running a business. It’s all too much if you ask me. I’m no parent but I’m a furrent  (*Cat parent FYI – I have cats) and I would probably lose my mind if my cats had to go to school atop all the expenses I incur for their upkeep and my millennial stresses!

So here’s a thing I know for sure. You need that helping hand. Imagine striking the educational policy and life insurance plan at a go in one product? Doesn’t that just sound like half your life challenges are solved?

S/O to all of you amazing parents. We see, appreciate and love you.

All of you inquiring and registering for KCB Elimisha, good on you! I’m actually letting out an intense sigh of relief for you. For those who haven’t, this is about the sincerest post I’ve ever put up (not to mean that usually nawadanganyanga😏); I say go for it. For as little as Kshs500, you can get on this plan. Learn more about the perks of KCB Elimisha here.

I’m off to find out if cats go to school. Apparently, there are cat restaurants – and no, they are not the dish 😒😑. Once again, I CANNOT make this up!


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