Here’s how to come out winning financially after a long weekend

27th Apr, 2017

The date is 27th April 2017, the time is 3.00 pm. The Easter Holiday has been over about 2 weeks and our hope is that you planned very well for the rest of the month. If you didn’t you may have this regretful feeling deep in your gut for not taking leave days… embrace getting back to 7am mornings.

Do we pity you? Of course!

Not only are most of you resuming work after a series of making bad decisions over the Easter holiday, you are also BROKE.

We don’t mean, a few thousand shillings broke, we mean the entire existence of brokenness is probably throwing you a slumber party as we speak.

But who are we to judge? But Since we are friends, and there’s another long weekend around the corner, here is how to properly manage your finances in the future without dying of hunger, walking until home and many more catastrophes we would rather not mention.

Serial Public Commuter

Yes, it is time to be humble with your local matatu tout and even name him “BFF” if worst comes to worst. He will be your saving grace. Woe unto the arrogant youth who thought this day would never come. Looks like someone evil has you cornered.

Entice “Mama Mboga”

These ladies are guardian angels and they will definitely have your back when you least expect it. We suggest you put your best language forward and convince her to credit you with enough grocery supplies to last until end month. They understand, after all they are mothers too.

KCB Mpesa

Unlike the rest, KCB Mpesa is only a secret between you and your phone. With a loan from KCB Mpesa, your baller days don’t have to come to an end. This loan application has you sorted to pay all your expenses until your bank account starts raining again.


Now I know, some of us are too proud to go this route, but think about it. You may just end up getting a free ride to and from work without having to spend a dime and having only to part with conversation about anything and everything


Borrow from your savings account

Now if you are as smart as we hope you are, you must have some goldmine stashed somewhere to aid in whatever project you have in mind for the future. If so, trust yourself to be disciplined enough to borrow from your savings account, with the promise of paying right back. This way, it actually does serve its purpose of saving you from “embarrassment!”

We wish you all the best folks

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