HFDI launches its third joint venture project

23rd Nov, 2016

HFDI, the investment and development subsidiary of HF Group, has launched its third joint venture project targeting the middle-class.

To be known as Richland Pointe, the project will comprise modern apartments constructed under a joint venture between HF Group and Richland Development Limited.

Under the arrangement, Richland Development Limited has provided land where the project sits on with HFDI providing equity. HFC, HF Group’s banking arm will extend financing options to prospective buyers.

The 248-unit development, strategically located on Kamiti Road, approximately 800 metres past Kahawa West junction, will comprise a mix of 65 two- and 183 three-bedroom apartments, with an introductory prices of Sh7.25 million and Sh8.25 million, respectively.

HFDI executive director, James Karanja, said the group projects a huge uptake of the units from buyers.

“We have had a positive reception with developments spread around the Nairobi and its environs with our diverse projects and finance products appealing to different buyer demographics,” said Karanja.

The property comes with lifts, backup generators, secure boundary walls and is well oriented on sloped terrain to give a pleasing view of the spacious affordable apartments.

“Our products always speak for themselves. We are riding on our heritage as a trusted name offering only the best products in the affordable middle income market segment,” said Karanja.

HF Group also offers a one-stop end to end home ownership solutions through its sister companies HFC (bank), HFIA (insurance solutions) and HF Foundation (CSR arm ensuring projects impact the society positively) to ease strain on their clients.

HF Foundation aims to train an army of one million artisans and has been awarded Vision 2030 flagship status.

“For cash buyers, 70 per cent is spread over the life of the project, with payments as per agreements, and the balance of 20 per cent payable prior to hand-over of the purchased unit,” said Karanja.

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