How becoming a risk taker can elevate you to the next level

8th Jun, 2017

“Life is an experiment. The more experiments you make, the better’’. Ralph Waldo Emerson could not have said it better. So what does it mean to be a risk taker?

Basically, being a risk taker means overcoming some of your biggest fears in the hopes of being successful. It also means venturing into something that might have undesirable or unpleasant consequences. There are three valuable points that you need to take home on why taking risks can be beneficial.

According to Inc. Magazine, risk takers climb the corporate ladder faster and make more money. Sometimes we find ourselves doubting our capabilities and competencies that we do not go after a higher job position simply because we are comfortable in our current working environment. You need to get out of your comfort zone. It might seem scary, but that is the first step to conquering your fears and taking a risk. With that said, seize the opportunity to accelerate your learning while you’re at it.

Risk taking also entails sacrificing financial gains to achieve your goals. For instance, opening that new biashara you have been thinking about for a while now. Now, entrepreneurship is not for everybody. But if you are interested, Richard Branson should be one of your inspirations. The guy founded Virgin Atlantic in 1984 with zero experience in the Airline Industry. For a chap who dropped out of school, his net worth as we speak is 5.1 billion dollars.  What a legend!

But Being a risk taker is not a bed of roses. Sometimes we encounter inevitable losses that take us several steps back. But don’t you worry, with KCB Insurance you’re your set! From Life Insurance to SME Business Insurance Packages, you name it!

Last but not least, a risk taker breaks away from the norm. Stand out and be a leader where most people are afraid to. Be aggressive and confident because that is how the world notices your hard work and sweat.

Ladies and Gentlemen…..Be a trendsetter. You could be the next Richard Branson or the next biggest millionaire without a doubt!

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