How to Ace Any Interview

19th Apr, 2019

Yesterday, Sospeter and I held some meaningful convos on life and our different experiences (I was as shocked as you FYI – Kumbe that guy can be serious!) As different as we are, we’ve definitely faced similar challenges – lol. Anyway, that convo inspired me to fungua roho, and impart some knowledge on general life tings. (If this goes well BTW nitaanza vlog ya life skills – kidogo kidogo *Welcome to my channooooooI*) Hope you learn a thing or two 🙂

Before I landed the job at KCB, I was tarmacking for a while after a failed attempt. Despite my power CV (I was a chopi in High School and Uni nilishinda top of the class), I didn’t manage to secure as many job interviews as expected. After talking to a few buddies who managed to land jobs faster than me, I realized that I was lacking a few essential life skills. Wharrathiz, you ask? Life skills are skills that are necessary or desirable for full participation in everyday life e.g Making friends, getting a job, running a biashara, bargaining – yani they apply everywhere.

One of the skills I was lacking was etiquette – interview etiquette to be exact. This is how you generally carry yourself before and during an interview.

I remember being late to two interviews, without bothering to inform my interviewer – I assumed because I was top of the class, they would not find a better candidate. Wueh! Shock on me – they did. The first time I was late, the HR was really polite, but sikupata call back and my calls and Emails went unanswered. The 2nd time, I was told by the receptionist they were no longer interested in interviewing me. *Chest pains* Tip number 1 – Always show up early, and if you’re running late, call please.

Anyway, so I mastered the art of showing up early and finally got in.  Tip number 2 – Be honest about your abilities and expectations from the get-go.  It’s OK to say you’re not sure if asked certain questions. Mimi I wasn’t told this – so I really went and told some amazing tales (mara nilisoma US, and had 5 years’ experience) again, I did not get the job. But, we learn through the mistakes we make right? (Lakini si ati ukichoma mara ya kwanza upeleke makosa zote the second time) We learn and we grow – by the time I applied for my current job at KCB, nilikua nimeiva my fren’.

Tip number 3 – Hakuna haja unde interview bila kujua what the company is about or what they do.  I read up on KCB’s product and service offerings, it’s history, what to expect, nakadhalika. Siku ingine nilipeleka kimbelembele yangu to a very well-known firm, freestyle. They asked me what I knew about their company and what came out of my mouth was a lot of nonsense. Btw it was so embarrassing I faked a phone call, got up and left. To avoid that kind of thing, do proper research on the company, what they do and what kind of questions they may ask at an interview for the position you’re applying for. Knowing your stuff goes a long way and always makes a good impression, you can never go wrong! Also, prepare a few questions ready for them – an interview is a conversation, not an exam. When you get a conversation going it shows you’re interested in the company and what they’re offering (but stick to relevant topics please, usianze storo za sijui your mom called you juzi, it’s your 4th anniversary, etc)

With these tips, the chances of you landing that job are very high! Only someone who is prepared has the opportunity to improvise. Even if you don’t get the job the first time, you must keep preparing for success even if there’s no indication of it!  Stay ready fam!

And that’s the word for today

Over and Out

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