How to Keep “Brokeness” at Bay

3rd Feb, 2017

It is everyone’s favorite time of the bank once again and our social media posts can replace the Njaanuary memes with the numerous good things that life has to offer.

Speaking of which, #NairobiRestaurantWeek is definitely the first on the list! (Can I get an Amen from all the foodies in the house??)

After 79 days of January we all need a week of recovery with a poison of your choice.

Now unlike foodies (all day and everyday) some of you seriously need to be banned from going broke by Friday.

And as usual we’re here to bail all of you out of your deep hole of despair and lead you back to the light of actually making it to end month without losing your voice over brokenness. (There’s Valentine’s this month too)

Okay, while it has been proved that shopping triggers the release of dopamine, a chemical in the brain that creates feelings of pleasure and satisfaction, it absolutely gives you no free pass to over indulge. You can buy ice cream, or go for a manicure or watch a movie, Ooops! All those activities require money, so I guess they don’t really count.

First step towards recovery…

Admit you have a problem well, that does count but let’s get serious guys.

Take a time out

Impulse buying is often a cause of retail addiction and can only be prevented when you convince yourself that you need a lot more time to decide. Yes, you can – Obama was able to lead America for 8 years, so what stops you from making a small shopping decision?


This may be a forbidden word in the vocabulary of most shopping addicts but if you are hoping to get your life back before you turn into those creepy hoarders on reality TV you better wake up now! It is actually an easy process; Go to that periodical newsletter and after you scroll just hit the big red button, Close your eyes and Voila. Lastly;

Look for other hobbies

Addiction has proven to be a result of frustration and this will be avoided if you have other activities to engage in and keep thyself busy. Join a Zumba class, start vlogging about random things, write. There is so much to this earth. We hope this works.

Happy recovery


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