Introducing the #2jaijiriLounge

17th May, 2019

Oyaa oya oyaaa! Hey my peoples! It’s Friday yet again, marking the end of another productive week. Mnafeel aje? Personally, (najua hukuuliza but bado ntakuambia lol) it’s been a hectic week for me because, you know, adulting. Bora uhaiiiii though, right?

Enough about my woes, let’s get back to the real stuff. One thing that jazzed me about the 8-4-4 system, was aaaall the ma-things we were taught that we literally never have to apply in life. Sasa for instance, fasihi simulizi, fasihi andishi?????? Excuse???  Ama hizo story za tectonic plates and the big bang theory (wengine wenu mnajua tu series -_-). Si kwa ubaya but sometimes I wish these could have been substituted for life skills classes – on entrepreneurship and business skills, filing taxes, being a good employe or boss, you know, real life tings. #IfikieMatiang’i.

There are a lot of skills that we require in the real world that were not necessarily taught in school, meaning we have to seek them out ourselves.  A lot of young people find themselves in a new job, guessing their way to success, or running a business without knowing when and how to scale up, how to hire great people na kadhalika. To succeed in life, you must have certain skills, and newsflash, it is more than just brains and book smarts. You can get these online by reading or paying for courses, but we understand it’s not easy to drop everything to go pursue these courses – where do you start? Where do you go? It can confuse the best of us.

This is where the #2jiajiriLounge comes in. What is it you ask?  It’s a space for upcoming entrepreneurs to gain some critical skills they require to build their businesses; or for budding employees to get tips and tricks on how to climb up the career ladder. Here, young people can hold meaningful discussions on their experiences in the business or corporate world and the hurdles they’ve had to face coming up, through a series of Podcasts and Videos. (Usiseme you don’t have time, why don’t you cut back on those hours you spend on Social media and invest in yourself?)

It’s about ensuring that young people become self-sufficient by any means necessary (but we aren’t talking the crooked kind –we’re talking about using the internet to get ahead). Learning from the experiences of others is much easier than learning from your own. Through these trainings and many other panels of talks, you get to network with individuals who have been there or are going through it and would love to lend a helping hand. Also, they aid with getting virtual mentorship that may be a big help to your life.

My thing is, never be afraid to ask for help. Kuuliza si ujinga, ujinga ni kuepuka ujuzi. All of us require some form of guidance and direction to reach out for the stars and attain our dreams. The first person to ever do it probably didn’t know how to, because life didn’t come with a manual. So it’s up to us to push and help each other get to our best selves. (Lakini usijistress alafu upate kihara)

The 2jiajiri lounge is where it’s at if you are seeking these skills and more to further your career in business. Give us a shot, you won’t regret it. Anyway, that’s the end of my rambling session, I’ll be back next week with some more knowledge to impart if y’all will have me!

Till then, Over and out peeps!

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