Investing in a new Green Revolution

13th Jul, 2017

Just over five years ago, most businesses were looking at the opportunities offered by new markets and new business, as presented by changing demographics and the digital evolution.

At the time, it looked as if we were spoilt for choice. However, technology changes rapidly and what looked novel then looks rather outdated today.

Where we stand today, very little can be termed as new; we are in the period of re-engineering.

Agribusiness, for instance, was mostly overlooked a couple of years ago, with people seeing it as too specialized a sector. Most farmers found themselves caught between a rock and a hard place; they needed to grow their business but lacked the resources – both capital and knowledge.

Things are changing rather rapidly, with the sector being seen as the next big thing.

The world population is growing rapidly and without an appropriate response, we might find ourselves in a situation where food supply is static and the population is growing, a recipe for disaster. A time for the second green revolution has come. And as KCB Group, we feel that we have a role to play in upping our intervention in this sector if we are to avoid a catastrophe in the medium to long term.

In this edition therefore, we have laid special emphasis on agriculture, bearing in mind the critical role it plays in our economies. For this, we have a global feature on food value chains, expert commentary on drought and research and the growing need for agribusiness and the integration of technology as deeply rooted facets to boost the economy.

The Kenya Seed Company story takes us to Kitale, one of the richest agricultural zones in Kenya, where we saw firsthand what it takes to produce quality seeds. The story offers insights on food security through hybrid technology that boosts quality of seeds to increase yields. The company’s rich history is also a tale of the agriculture boom and evolution of farming.

In Uganda, Hoima Sugar has established a factory that covers the entire food production process from planting to processing and packaging and with it, the rise of a bustling town.

Away from agribusiness, is a story of fertile minds and their cultivation with the compelling account of the journey of Riara Group of Schools, from a kindergarten in a small colonial house to a fully-fledged university, as told by its founders who each have over 40 years of experience in the education sector.

The stories all resonate with the need for proactive business and serves as a call to action for players across the industry, to seek out and develop business in untapped areas of work for a fruitful African economy.


By: Judith Sidi Odhiambo

The writer is the KCB Group Head of Corporate and Regulatory Affairs

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