January Has Its Shortcomings, All Is Not Lost Though

16th Jan, 2017

It’s a New Year!! And sadly everyone is broke!! Except politicians, but hey let’s not ruin our year just yet!

We ended our year with A Toast to New Beginnings and so let us give thanks to the man upstairs for letting us live to see this year. Believe when I say, this year is definitely your year.

Leave all those negative vibes behind and offer a new slate to everyone! Let us give each other a break, alright? Life is already hard as it is.

Nonetheless, 2017 has begun on a whole new different level.

Brokenness. First, ask yourself, why are you broke? Where did you spend your money? How did you think you would survive in January? If you cannot answer these questions, you definitely didn’t read the article on How to Cruise through Your December Holiday See your life now…

But never worry, I always tell you that Banks Can Be Superheroes Too so as you calculate how you will spend the last pennies in your wallet let me introduce you to Your New BFF

I figure you are smiling now, You’re welcome…

Water Rationing. I bet summer bunnies can’t wait to board their flights back to their respective abodes because this is one thing we all never envisioned would begin the year. Stack up on your deodorants because brokenness and uncleanliness have never been the dynamic duo. (Wink)

Trump is ACTUALLY U.S. President. Michelle and Barrack’s farewell speeches only made Fear of Missing the Obamas (FOMO) a reality. Let us reminisce while we still can, history will take time repeating itself on this one.

January is also Cervical Cancer Awareness Month. Let us remain vigilant about our health guys! Cancer is real, scary and ruthless! A task to you all, is to make sure you get checked (if you are female) and make sure your mother, sister, female colleague and generally the entire female ecosystem is checked. Let’s remember, Pink isn’t Just a Color, its An Attitude

Happy New Year My lovelies!! Wait, are we still saying that?


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