Karen Masters

17th Jul, 2018

Today I’m talking to the posh ones among us. I need to be bourgeois (that’s how it’s spelt, tell Migos I said it) for the sole reason that I need to polish up for the posh-posh KCB Karen Masters that drops this weekend. I have been working towards this for a while now – you can read up my other post about on the journey it has been.

I won’t be talking about (beloved) KDFs or any of that stuff. I’m cleaning up ahead of this event – It’s a mission. I’ve even polished up my golf jargon and I’m spotting a ka-Brit accent and blending it with my mathogothanio accent so that it’s subtle. I’m jazzing it up pale kwa my playlist with some Diana Krall and some George Benson. Oh I’m also completely oblivious of what ‘makaliz’ are.

So the 5-leg Road to the Masters just came to a close and now KCB Karen Masters is nigh (Fada Lawd I am using words like ‘nigh’). I’ve never really been gaga for sports but I feel a growth in my character because the build up to this weekend has been long and exciting but also stretched so I have had to stack up on my patience basket. The good book terms it a fruit.

I could write one of those *LONG POST ALERT* types on the highlights that have emerged from the Road To the Masters so let me pick my favourite! Amateur players Mutahi Kibugu, Daniel Ndura, John Karichu and Edwin Mudanyi have made the cut to play with pros who will be participating in this week’s event. When pros and amateurs get a chance to compete, it’s called a pro-am event and it will curtain raise for the main tournament. Nothing like smartly dressed men in polo shirts exuding utmost precision.

The tournament will also feature 30 others picked during the build up to the event from different clubs across the country including Ruiru, Limuru, Eldoret, Nyali and Muthaiga – who, by the way really, really, represented!

The four guys I’ve mentioned up there will join 32 local pros who make up the big entry list of 156 which is comprised of the crème de la crème of the Sunshine Tour. They will also represent Kenya against Uganda at the Victoria Cup – and that’s a REALLY big deal!

KCB is the title sponsor of this $150K event coming to you this weekend. $150K is roughly Kshs 15M for those I’d dropped along the way. Are we together? KCBae is bae because of its belief in sports, talent and opportunity. You know what this sponsorship does other than give a reason to grace Karen Club for what will no doubt be a spectacular event? It nurtures and grows talent and further opens up Sub-Sahara Africa to the Sunshine Tour. To sum that up; = opportunity.

Other African countries represented in the Sunshine Tour include Ethiopia, Tanzania, Senegal, Rwanda, Malawi, Ghana and the Seychelles. They will be taking part in the tournament for the first time ever!  Isn’t it amazing when Africa shines. We take it Marvel did more than a movie but also ignited something in us!

Wakanda forever! ✊

Be sure to get your tickets here.

(P.S Naeza rent wig wapi? This Mososdo won’t let me be)



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