KCB Foundation Secures KES 10 Billion Funding From MasterCard Foundation for Scaling Up 2jiajiri

19th Jul, 2019

Juzi I was waiting in line for Mama Mboga to cut my greens before niende kujibonda na ugali mayai. And I was eavesdropping on a convo between some two jamaaz infront of me. I’d been standing there for a clean half hour (never mind that my Mama Mboga is a machine at this) Reason? I was letting people cut the line juu nilikuwa nikope na hii mtaa siezi kosewa heshima juu ya mbao.

Where I live, people are so uncouth and unruly hadi line ya mboga watu wanakata tu. Took me back to my Form 1 days but anyway. I digress.

So these two guys are currently job hunting and life has been everything but a bed of roses. I silently wished them the best then drifted back to my own days of job hunting before KCBae gave me a home.

I remember nikizunguka these streets with my brown envelope. Alafu nanunua soda mchana naketi pale Hilton not knowing my open door would be right across the street. God and humour, lol! Luckily I wasn’t going this trek alone. Tulikuwa wengi and we kept each other sane, me and the college crew. Some days were motivated and hype. Others were downright horrid, long and a little (read a lot) depressing. I remember some days’ tungesema, “Kashanuka” alafu tunabaki mtaa tukicheza PS na kusumbua wazazi. Most days were spent sitting on rocks next to Kama wa masmokie just chapaing storoz and lazying; whatever the distraction, we took it. Perhaps a projection of the frustration we collectively, yet individually, felt.

This is not going to be one of those HAHA posts. Naeza kuwa mserious saa zingine and some things just really get to me like unemployment.

When I look back, I wish I knew the things I know now then. Back then if you told me self-employment was an option, this would be me:

But now, even with a job, it is looking like a really sweet deal. Over the years I’m seeing more and more corporates putting massive efforts into enabling youths to gain financial independence. It’s a thing of marvel. I could name hundreds but one that has been consistent remains 2jiajiri. Each year, delivering to its promise. This is not a paid ad.

I was on the interwebs juzi and saw they (KCB Foundation) has received a whopping $100M from MasterCard through their Youth Africa Works program. You know what this does? It works towards creating 1.5M employment opportunities.

Blue collar is the new white collar. You wouldn’t believe the effort going into training youth in technical training, skill development and funding startups and existent businesses. It’s everything from teaching you how to grow your biz all the way to giving you access to a ready market.

Now you know where else to look.

Please visit KCB Foundation Kits Youth in the Construction Sector for the full vibe!

Let’s get that shmuurrnnneeey! Okrrrr?



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