KCB KNRC Series 2020 Ndiyo Hiyo!

7th Feb, 2020

What a way to start the new(ish) year!

How’s it coming a long so far? We survived 121 day of Njaanuary and here we are ushering in the month of love! We know you might still be feeling the crunch of Njaanuary so let us treat you in a most exciting hangout that pretty easy on the pocket.

Ngata ni how much? Nimezoea kupanda nduthi na tuktuk so hizi car-owner problems mi huskia na nyinyi. What if we told you… you could fill your tank tupatane Athi River this weekend with your whole crew for a day of motorsport over some yum food and drinks? A pretty easy plan angalao utoke Nairobi this year coz the way things have been set up, most of us tumejua the way every corner of our houses looks because there was zero enjoyment in Jan. Juu mkiwa na pesa nyumba zenu hazikalikangi.

So here’s the deal. The KNRC series 2020 is nigh and here’s basically what you should know. Where? Athi River. We figured a dusty not-so-out-of-town plan fits just perfect for a Sunday plan, ama? Monday hatutaki makasiriko na wadosi. All rallies we’ve held in the past have been super exciting but what makes this one one of its kind? We’ll have a power stage!!! Napenda kutumia jargon nikae msmart. So let the expert here explain what’s a power stage. That means drivers will have the chance to earn extra points to boost their performance and ranking by introducing an extra stage. The drivers have to aim to be top three to make it to that stage to earn those precious points. It, alone, will be a 5KM affair and you know what can happen in a 5KM stretch at the rally!

We’ll meet bright and early vile tumezoea pale KCB Kitengela branch to flag off a zeal -filled action packed rally! The rally will trail through SGR area (whew, the view), Athi and Kifaru regions. What I haven’t mentioned is that it will also be a key event as we look forward to the WRC Competition in July. We’re putting Kenya back in the global motorsport map because we’re a cool kid bank and we’re coming for it na ubaya.

This year’s KNRC series is special for just that and will through the year take you to Naxvegas (bado mnaikuitanga huko ama hiyo kosokoso tuliacha 2019?), Mombasa (Gai, gai, gai, gai, gai, gai, gai, gai, gai, gai, gai, gai, gai!), Nairobi (Wacha nisianze makasiriko), Nayuki (Hii itaweza!) and Eldi (Yaaaazzzz!)

If you had intended to make travel plans for this our year 2020 but didn’t get around to do it, si you align with 2020’s KNRC series? Mimi nakuanga tu hapa kuwapea form.

I had the real pleasure of meeting some of you last year and this year we do it bigger and better. Nitakuwa nimeokotana na kina Sospeter and Wafula. There might be a new addition to the crew… or there may not… mbaki kmigezz.

Grab your crew tuonane Sunday 9th Feb Kings and Queens.

2020 is for living to the fullest, no makasiriko – just more love, more light.

Nimetumia Kizungu mingi sana leo. My fingers are on fire. Wacheni nikatulize na hawa watu wawili. I thought they’d make to my 2020 list of people I’d cut off. Lakini wanakuwanga waneedy sana.

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