28th Sep, 2018

The year is 2010, November to be precise… okay maybe ilikuwa October… since y’all know everything ?, KCSE huisha mwezi gani?

Anyway, I’m like a mad scientist at only 17 years old ?. Y’know, barely sleeping so we could cram things we had missed in class through the years. I’m panicking coz Chem was never my forte. I’m staring at all the Pace Setter novels that I’ve slipped in the middle of my Chem textbooks to entertain me through the lessons, through the years. I’m bitter. In fact, I hate it?.

I’m watching my colleagues calculate Moles. I’m tired. Everyone is praying to score great grades on this one. But me? ‘Lord, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know that hii Chem is one of them”

And He did just that. I give up, ka mbaya, mbaya. I will compensate with Computer Studies, Bio and Geo. I was also a History student, so hey! Story za risk vs opportunity hazikuanza na kubudget kamshahara.

The madness continued on for days upon days until we started to bid Home Science and Business students goodbye. Sikumbuki watu wa Woodwork wakimaliza. Imagine kulipia mtoto fees alafu anaenda kusoma Woodwork? ? ? ? Nijikute!

And so the final team were left – sisi kama cool kids that were Computer Studies students. I had geeked out my project for about two and a half months. Now I just needed to do up some final touches and do a couple of dry runs to make sure my Microsoft Access systems were all good to go.

I decide to go print my work and back up my project. You know that ka-icon that tells you there’s beef? Hako kasaitan kanajitokeza. It is now 4 days to submission. I’m panicking in disbelief. Moving with my flash disk from comp to comp. I’m a madman. I call all my teachers. Everyone is looking at me like how doctors look at you ukiumwa na tumbo na wanajua tu ni mtura hata ukane aje.

My fren, I turned into the Chem watuz I mentioned earlier. To date kuna kahawa f’lani ina-rhyme na ‘Eh maze!’… haki ya Mungu siwezi kunywa hiyo kitu. I probably had a lifetime supply of those sachets in those 4 days.

But this is what I’m getting at with all this: like all other things that are manmade, systems fail. You experience inconvenience, downtime, and frustration. Name it. And so was the story with KCB M-PESA not too long ago. But they’ve upgraded their systems so that the product that continues to serve a whooping 10 million Kenyans is better and improved. Story za ‘we are experiencing a system downtime’ have been left in the past. What this means for you is:

  1. Faster processing speeds on transactions – sometimes hizo delay huingiza baridi. No more fam!
  2. Full loan disbursements upon approval (i.e. Interest recovered at repayment not at point of disbursement) – so mkumbuke kukopa na kulipa so you can continue to enjoy the service
  • Flexibility to borrow and repay same day – you know how pay day hukupata na soh moja mbele nyuma?
  1. Accessibility to new loan immediately upon full repayment of the previous loan – Hawaitangwi KCBae bure!
  2. Ability to save on daily basis and enjoy high limits on borrowing (saving contributes to growth of your loan limits) – Life ni kujengana
  3. Attractive interest rates on Fixed and Target Savings applied on a daily basis


KCBae loves you and has gone the entire stretch to make sure your experience with KCB M-PESA is A1. They may not always get it right, but they never stop trying – although with this move, you will see that they did get it right.


Tuendelee kukopa wasee! ✊✊✊



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