KCB Nanyuki Rally

31st Aug, 2019

Waheshimiwa, mnakuja rally Nanyuki or nah?

Saa zingine mnakuwanga na za ovyo so lazima tuulize. So this weekend, we’re spending it screaming our throats sore and inviting homa because we were born for this. And as usual, I’m inviting you coz this is where it’s at! (And I sorta like you guys)

Rally comes with many beautiful memories. From the time we were kids to date and that will remain the same. So guess what we’re doing on today’s blog post? I’ll go down memory lane to what have been my favourite rally moments so y’all gather around coz this will be one heck of a ride.

Every single Safari Rally in my childhood was spent getting down and dusty while fighting with my equally little friends. It was always “Gari yangu! Gari yangu!” If you read that in the joyful little voice of extremely excited kids, you my friend, had a childhood as lit as mine. Let’s have tea sometime.

KCB Voi rally 2016. This was beyond epic.

Oh, before I proceed, let me just say that these memories are curated in no chronological order. I’m typing away as they come to me.

Now, where was I? Oh yes – the 2016 KCB Voi Rally. This has got to be one of the dustiest rallies I have ever attended. And I would do it again. There was so much dust and I was covering the event for KCBae. Hakukuwa na haja ya kupiga picha my guy. On the morning of the 7am flag off, we had to meet early in the morning and drive probably an hour or so to the venue. Your Witty Banker akalala usingizi ya morning preps akawachwa. If you’ve been an intern before then you are familiar with ‘the fear’. I woke up at 10am waaay after flag off so best believe nilisweat! You’re probably wondering where I’m going with this. Hang tight. Because I wasn’t trynna get fired, I decided to order a cab to the venue. I’m not even playing when I tell you this cab provider said my cab was 2 days away! The gods were out to try me. The next day mimi ndio niliamsha watu and the rally was beyond worth it braving the Voi 5am cold for coz whew!

KCB Nakuru Rally 2016. This one was everything. I got to meet the Flying Fin: the incredible Tapio Laukkanen. Whew! With my big age I was just there squealing kama mtu hana akili.Nilichokoza Instagram sana because I was built with zero shame! This rally was paaaacked. Kenyans are an incredible lot na mnapenda raha sana. Ah and the drivers brought their A game! Rally is an action and adrenaline-filled affair but this one was just… Ni kama the drivers walikuwa wamekasirika. Kama hukukaa macho hakuna kitu uliona because the speed at which they went was literally blink-and-miss.

2017 KCB Kajiado Rally. Again niliachwa.

You might notice a pattern of horrible time management but hey, there’s something wrong with all of us so…

Anyhu, what my team didn’t mention (or I didn’t hear because I also suffer the attention span of a dead gold fish) is that it was on the other side of the world because what’s rally without a roadtrip? KCBae really loves you guys!  So I gathered two of my friends kaende kaende. Bruh, Kuna places hii Kenya hakuna county government. Tulienda hadi barabara ikaisha. Don’t even get me started on the mat we used. I was sure it was gonna fall apart and I would be satisfied that I gave it my all to get there. My boss would understand. But what would I tell my mother? “Mum mi hata sijui kuliendaje. Matatu iliachana tu.” 😂😂😂

This rally was extremely epic! The Kabras brothers were on fire! They really brought it and it was worth it!

Then there was this rally I can’t really put my finger on. But this was iconic. Animal lovers msinikujie Kencom. It was a moment that turned out fine and I was there to see it. Mnakumbuka ile rally a rally car literally flew over a stray dog? Sijawai shika baridi hivyo. To date I imagine the conversation it went on to tell it’s fellow dogs. “Wasee. Karibu nidedi leo. Ndae ya rally flew over me!” And the hommies would probably not believe him. Tough is the life of a dog that gets flown over by a speeding rally car!

Wale wasee huuza kites rally hutokea wapi? Those and the ones who appear out of the blue with brollies at the first drop of a drizzle in town.

Ama they’re the same people?


These are the mysteries that legit keep me up at night.



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