KCB Takes China

19th Oct, 2018

Kichwa ya Sospeter inakuanga tu ya kubebea meno aki.

I’ve had a tough past couple of weeks in between a house robbery and changing mama fuaz. So you get that I was really looking for something to up my spirits and happy even if just for a while. Have I mentioned waliiba hadi gas. Gas????!!!! Ni nini huwa mbaya na wezi. Meanwhile soja hakuona chochote. I gezz ilibebwa kwa wallet ?. My only consolation was that I wasn’t the only one who had been thugged. Yes, I am that neighbor mwenye huchungulia nje kuona kama lights zimepotea tu kwangu. Suffering alone? Can’t be me ? ? ?.

Sospeter had been told of the KCBae Biashara Club upcoming trip to China by one of our head honchos. Amidst my tardiness at work because I was going back and forth with the cops, he forgot to tell me the first time he saw me after my ordeal. The second time I was in a huff and he didn’t know how to break to me the good tidings of a prospective trip juu alikuwa ameskia niliibiwa pia suitcase.

If it weren’t for office grapevines labda singekuwa huku leo.

River Road kando, na huko Grogon, this place is busy and so extensively developed. We came here on the 13th of this month. I’m rethinking my many business ideas when I see the big things that Kenyans are going for every time we take these trips aki. So I’ll be doing away with my mapera seedlings at a throwaway price.

Story za Sospeter na ndege nitawaambia siku ingine because that circus deserves an entire blog post of its own.

After a 15hour flight or so, we arrived in Bangkok where we were received and transferred to our hotel and boy oh boy! That city makes our CBD look like MaRRRawi (you really have to read it like that!). But ni sawa tu, si wanatujengea, ama? Bad joke, I’m sorry.

We checked in, freshened up (although nashuku sana Sospeter) then went for our Grand Pearl Cruise dinner. Shout out to Muthaiga travel for that hook up. It was everything. We spent most of the night marveling at the lights. Sospeter kept making dull jokes about how many units Bangkok buys to keep that stuff up. Aki sitawai peleka huyu mtu mahali tena.

The next day we had the Bangkok Motor Visit which was everything you dream of. It was like Concours of sorts but sasa for industrial cars na simaanishi Probox za Mwiki. We then headed to the Khui Maa market. Ni kama Masaai market blended with Kenyatta market on steroids. Here you could get amazing tailor-made suits and jewelry of all kinds. Sospeter bought a green suit. I think ndio atavaa during his review tukirudi pale Kencom.

The Kenyan Thailand Joint Trade business meeting was slated for the next day and this is where it got really interesting. The business and investment opportunities presented then were just out-of-this-world amazing! Na ni vitu even youngins kama sisi tunaweza fanya. Kenyans are really out here making money moves while the rest of us kazi nikurudi back to the year 1824 na kujiweka weekend after weekend as we make business plans that will never flight. But who cursed us? I would highly recommend that you sign up for Biashara Club for all the inside scoop.

Juzi we flew to Guangzhou. I know. I speak unto your life the good things that are happening in my life. This is another world of its own. Tulipata shop yenye watu husupply Wakenya Fulani with cables and all those things you hear Kenyans importing from here. While I’m here ninaeza tupia a few of you those contacts. Just hit me up.

We have about another week here and I will bring with me udaku, jewelry and electronics. Electronics ni za kupeddle kwa offisi na pale Facebook ndio ni-restore nyumba yangu. Nataka pia ninunue ile gas kubwa kabisa mwizi asibebe kwa wallet next time.

Tumeketu hapa na Sospeter kwa Sanford ya huku tukaoreder kuku nah ii ndio wameleta.

Hawa wachinku ni watu tricky sana.


Seriously looking for someone to buy out my mapera seedlings.


The Witty Banker.



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