The KCB WRC Rally Returns

9th Jul, 2019

Let’s take it back to way back when tulikwa tunavaa oversized red/blue slippers (or a mix of both) tukivuruga vumbi as we ran to spectate the Safari Rally? When life was easy and your biggest worry was where to get your Patco and where Boi took your brand new banoz.

You know? Those days za kunyonya chipo mwitu from the corner of those pinkish creamish tuplastic bags? The days of buying ‘ice’ for a shilling and you end up looking like a smurf. The worst experiences zilikuwa kugongwa na ball ya foota then everyone laughs. Heaven must defo look and feel like childhood!

The excitement was undeniable; the energy? Infectious. We’d scream our little selves hoarse. Unbothered by the looming flus that awaited us the next day. It was one of the very times mom didn’t mind ukirudi home ukifanana na mat za Ruai. Everyone would come out to cheer. We were one big happy family.

We’d often nudge each other to scream, ‘Hiyo gari ya yellow ni yangu!’ Good times those. I’m getting all teary just remembering it all. As the years went, the Safari Rally seemed to be progressively more and more scarce. And then, lights off…Ok, I’m being a bit dramatic. Allow it 😂😂

And so we moved on with life and now ‘blooband’ generation wanaskianga tu that there was once an unbridled happiness whenever Safari Rally came to town.

Fast forward to present day 2019 and guess what? The #WRCSafariRally makes a come back to Kenya and whew! We were not ready! Set to cover about 797KMs across Nairobi, the Vasha and Kiambu counties, the legendary event that grew as all flights this weekend!

Today’s post is a little emo. I simply cannot imagine missing a taste of that childhood we miss so much. I’m excited. I’m anxious but more importantly, I haven’t felt this happy in the longest time. I haven’t eagerly awaited something this much. (Ok, I’m lying. Before Karen Masters I was even practicing how I was gonna say hi to Heavy K! And I did. Semeni “Ng’we” niangushe selfie.)

Ok. I digress. My point is, this rally was special. It was different as it had a whole lot riding on it and I just cannot even put in words the magnitude!

It was the perfect chance to connect with your childhood. If you could have a moment to relive it, I’m 100% you would. Life in this city is hard enough. Kwanza after they banned nduthi’s from the CBD nilikulanga to stress kila siku trekking from Ngara to Kencom – whew!

This rally was also our chance to get back into the WRC which is a big deal in putting Kenya on the global motorsport map! If that doesn’t shake your boots, you suffer an acute lack of uzalendo.

Special prize for whoever spots me at the spectator stage for the next rally. I’ll be dropping the tea and deets for when and where that’ll be.

Let’s ride!

Over & Out,
The Witty Banker.

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