Let’s Watch A Movie and Learn Something About Money

10th Aug, 2016

Let’s shake it up and talk about money in the best way possible, MOVIES! We’re talking about the riveting blockbuster thrillers that revolve around shrewd businessmen and ambitious individuals who find climbing the corporate ladder like the rest of us, a tall order in every sense.

You should however understand that financially themed movies aren’t everyone’s cup of tea so they are only released on an occasional basis. Call them a unicorn phenomenon.


  • Money Monster

The reunion between George Clooney and Julia Roberts was the most anticipated aspect of this movie, considering the duo hadn’t acted alongside each other since the Ocean’s trilogy.

Award winning Jodie Foster is behind the directing of the movie and Jack O’ Connell poses as the enraged investor who blames all of his misfortune on the financial TV host (George Clooney) who advised the public to invest in a company that later plunges severely in the stock market.

Jack takes George hostage and the show producer is played by the ever convincing Julia Roberts. The movie revolves around a series of twists and turns that later reveal the financial dealings that are carried out behind the Wall Street boardrooms resulting in the loss of the investors’ hard earned money and the enrichment of corrupt dealers.

The show has lessons for investors to learn from and also offers good comical and emotional relief at the end. It’s alright, you can text your movie guy to get it ready for you right now, but wait…

  • Inside Job

This Academy Award winning documentary is described as the peak of film and money as it portrays a detailed description of the 2008 financial depression that almost left the world crumbling at its feet.

Matt Damon clearly epitomizes the struggle that was experienced during that difficult period that resulted in the joblessness and homelessness of millions. The disheartening numbers that were witnessed at that time are compared to the great depression of the early 1930s. The extensive research, interviews and revelations will give you a detailed account of what led to the financial meltdown, even who was responsible… and possibly how to avoid such situations.  It would be a crime not to add this to your watch list.

  • Wolf of Wall street

The controversy – sparked motion picture made headlines here in Kenya immediately it was released when it was banned on moral grounds and widely pirated with hilarious erroneous labeling (Does Woof of War street ring a bell?).

Leonardo DiCaprio’s outstanding performance in this epic financial movie earned him a Golden Globe award and five Academy award nominations (he didn’t win!) for the movie alone.

It is based on the life of a New York Stock broker who continuously engages in fraudulent dealings in Wall Street that subsequently led to the rise and consequential fall of his business and career.

The film based on a true story, focuses on the theme that crime doesn’t pay and characteristically ends with the lesson to uphold integrity and the need for better investment decisions. What is most important is the relevance of this movie at this point in time where people easily give in to the lure of get-rich-quick gimmicks only to flaunt and blow it on unnecessary expenditure.

  • The Big Short

This one you have to watch. Another movie based on true events tells the tale of the wise investment decisions made by ordinary but brilliantly minded individuals who saw beyond all the financial experts’ advice and took a risk. Above all else, it teaches patience. A virtue you need if you plan to invest in the stock exchange.

Talk about mesmeric experiences! The outstanding enactments by Ryan Gosling, former Batman – Christian Bale and guest celebrity experiences create an epic financial story. The movie has many lessons to offer varying from the over reliance of financial analysts by financial institutions, economic explanations and financial crimes and their consequences.

So there you go, weekend movie plan sorted! Thank us later!

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