Men Taking Care Of Themselves

22nd Nov, 2019

9 times out of 10 you know what to do with your selves. The one time you likely don’t is when it comes to your health. Movember is one of those things – you look up, you think you know what it is about, but you really don’t.

Movember is not just about growing a cool beard. Don’t get me wrong, beards are cool but beards in November are about something slightly more serious – prostate cancer.

Movember is prostate cancer awareness month, the same way November is December awareness month J.  While your fam and your genetics have a lot to do with this, there are things as a jamaa you can do to manage your risk so you can live longer and dare I say even happier. Here is a list I think is pretty dope.

  1. Hydrate (and mind your business) – this one is low key underrated and yet so crucial. None of us are going to be here forever, but si lazima we speed up the process by not giving our bodies the things we need the most, ama namna gani? The minding your business part also grows on you. Stress is a killer, I am sure you have heard that before and getting involved in things that are none of your business is hella stressful. So please, hydrating keeps you busy, keeps your mouth engaged so you do not have time to get into other people’s business and is responsible for a super glow on the skin.
  2. Works. Go get that body moving. Running and working out is addictive for a reason. The body has these things called endorphins; when you do things that ‘rudishia mwili asante’ especially physical work outs, your body releases these things. And, you feel good, your body feels good when you work out. Those endorphins are basically your body telling you – I want more of this good feeling. As it turns out, that is just a bonus to all the gains you will be making, the muscle you will be building, the prostate you will be keeping healthy and the wivu you will be causing as you slay.
  3. Watch what you put in your mouth. Garbage in garbage out. Your diet is one of the things you have complete control over. Aside from kusaidia ku budget, watching what you are eating can keep you away from all sorts of hate and harm. Imagine we ni mwili, na kila saa una meza toxins na aflatoxins, huta make. Inabidi you switch it up. Fruits, veg, low fat diet in general is a good place to start. I am not saying you cut out all the fun times. Enjoy your burger even a drink every now and again. But please ikuwe every now and then. Heshimu mwili. Tulifunzwa balanced diet mara mob, either we start doing it for ourselves or we look for the home science books pali tulizitupa (did I just show my age?)
  4. Talk to a health care professional. Vitu kwa ground huwanga different, you can do all the things right, be at risk and not even know it. To find out you will need to speak to someone who has literally one job. To keep you alive. See a doc, tell them about your lifestyle, they will do some tests, blood kiasi, and in a few you will know what your risk factor is. This I highly recommend as you get over 35 (heeeey welcome to my channel) you will need to do this more and more frequently, that is just the way our bodies are. You get used to it, you have a little bit more money to plan, you enjoy reading the newspapers, you have a personal banker and you need to get your body checked. I don’t think it is such a bad place to be. Ama?

And while prostate cancer is a mess and that is why beards are being grown and shaved. There is still a whole lot more that we need to do to take care of our bodies. My new fave is self-care. Not the one where you over spend and then you cry about being broke…yes I see you. The one where you get in and around things that you enjoy doing. Things that actually let your mind tulia. You know. Taking care of number 1. Inner peace ni humimu, so as we worry about all the things that can potentially happen to us. Let us make sure we are not being our own worst enemy. Tulifight 1963. No need to fight anymore. Especially ourselves.

Over and Out.

The Witty Banker.

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