Ni Holi, Ni Holidaaaaay!

1st Nov, 2019

Tis’ the season of “Ehh kajam ka asubuhi kameisha sasa ju watoi wamefunga shule”, and other short stories. Come to think of it, it’s kind of ironical how sometimes my morning alarm is usually the school bus from our neighborhood’s primary school, doing its morning rounds, picking kids up to head to school. 6am!!! When I’m feeling a bit philanthropic, I leave home at that time to get to work and I find parents hustling and bustling, tagging their kids along to their respective school buses and that. Si afadhali muninyonge – (speaking for the kids here) It really makes you wonder what these kids are going to read. On top of that the size of the backpacks they carry!!! Ungedhani syllabus iliongezeka.

Let me stop trolling though, watoto wasome wajenge nchi! If we went through it, they will survive right? Although we need to kill this narrative that you have to toil and struggle through blood and sweat to achieve eventual success. Speaking of sweat and struggle, I don’t think we give parents enough credit for the work they put in with their kids. Imagine having a whole family, planning your life AND theirs, as well as keeping your stuff together at all times? Tricks, considering I’ve only just started coordinating my daily routine, now imagine adding other little humans (read broke best-friends) into the mix? Digehota.

Parents are fully- fledged superheroes of our day, no matter how much we may try tone it down as a normalcy. Kids coming back home is a whole task in itself, seeing as you have to plan for your child being home constantly as opposed to being gone for the whole day. Meaning you have to get a nanny/ babysitter, have to make sure they’re fed and entertained accordingly to avoid them falling into mischief. Y’all are not even ready.

When my siblings and I were kids, there was no telling what sort of new drama we would get ourselves into. The minute my mom left for work, we became the ungovernable ones, terrorizing the housie. The rainy season was always the best time for us, because of this game called ‘Duf mpararo’, where we used to go to a hilly part of the neighborhood and skid on the mud until our clothes either tore, or were stained with alllll the mud.

Those were the days we used to avoid meeting mom while getting home because the beating was ferocious and so was the water from the hose-pipe to rinse us off. Although that wasn’t a factor to stop us #noregrets. We did the most to kill the boredom. One fine Saturday, my baby sister went into my mom’s room for all of two (very quiet) minutes and came back with the whole Vaseline can on her head and about half of my mother’s lipstick across her face. Kuchapwa alichapwa hiyo siku, we still make referrals to that day. My point here is, parents really deserve medals for the care they bestow us. Preparing for all that is definitely not an easy task, not to mention the financials.

Over and above that, there’s the fact that there is still a new season of school to prepare for! Of uniforms, of school fees, of essentials, there’s so much to do for the new school season.

At KCB, there are lots of options to have your lil ones ready for the new school year. Lipa karo for instance has significantly reduced the hassle of paying school fees. KCB Lipa KARO allows you to pay fees conveniently whether you’re a KCB Account holder or not. Unaeza lipa fee na KCB APP, kwa KCB agent mtaani ama through PayBill 522123. Options kibao. Chungulia hapa https://bit.ly/36ltDmO  uone how to go about it. Usipate stress watoi wakiwa home na bado wakirudi shule, hiyo tumekataa because we understand.

Over and out!

Witty Banker.

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