Niko Waks

14th Feb, 2020

Have I ever told you the story of Sospeter’s brother? Tunaeza mwita Brayo. Good chap that! Leo sitaki kuchekacheka sana. I just feel like I owe you guys this much. I was on the timeline leo – na mkona makasiriko aki! There was too much fire and tea hadi mkaulizwa kama wadosi wenu wanajua mko wrestling online on company hours.

But also jana there was a bunch of #IkoKaziKe tweets and people sharing what it’s like to be unemployed in today’s economy. And I was moved. Najua mnaonanga nikiwa heartless but if I’m being honest, I cry at the sight of puppies.

Anyway so Brayo has had a hustler’s rep since his days in primo. He always had a plan to make an extra buck. Ningekuwa na hiyo mentality ningekuwa Maldives saa hii with someone’s daughter tukiangalia catalogues za vitenge. Na hatungehitaji committee group ya Wozzap. But here we are.

When Brayo cleared uni, he got into a job that he didn’t like. Na ilikuwa kila kitu from how the office looked (Kama umewai enda down town kuchukua mali imekuja na matatu then you know what I mean). So anyway. Brayo akaambiliwa kazi na their Uncle wa CV (To this day siamini there are some families don’t have these – how does it feel to  be God’s favourite?). The uncle akafanya tu vile tulijua angefanya: alicheza Brayo. But the manz alikuwa asha resign. Walirushiana maneno na mdosi so there was not turning back.

If you’ve been on a job hunt in this Nairobi, you know hardship. So eventually Brayo gave up on the job hunt. Times were tough but the manz alikuwa anajiamini. He hustled to put food on the table and manz was about to lose it. Small small akapata kadeal in a certain hotel huko tu town. A three month contact job is not ideal but when you have absolutely nothing.

When that was done, akasema he’ll take a chance apeleke savings to a farm… to… (INSERT *CHEST PAINS)… to buy a cow because that would keep giving. Of course we all thought amechizi but if he had made it this far, manz could do anything with his chest.

The cow was purchased and plans for napier, a client base around their hood, and all the biashara that goes into rearing a cow. When he went to pick it, the contact kept sending him directions. Kufika it was at his Uncle’s farm. Karma haichelewangi. The Uncle akashika makasiriko coz he had to sell it at throwaway price. Hiyo lazima ilikuwa tu deni.

Anyway, Brayo did it and he’s now a proud farmer making a steady income.

I’m not saying you buy your Uncle’s cow: I’m saying not to ever lose hope. Story yako leo inaeza change anytime kesho.

With that, I leave you with another option of how you can get skills to help you venture into farming ama you even get into construction.

We give you: Niko Waks

Msisahau kuapply and share with anyone tweeting #IkoKaziKe, the next farmer/constructor could be on your timeline.

Wacheni nikaulize Sospeter mbona hafikiriangi kama brathake…

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