Njaanuary isikulete juu Boss

18th Jan, 2019

I was looking around the office only to see Wafula amezubaa viajaab. I bet you he’s waiting for that salary advance email to check in. Enyewe in December we always seem to do the same things and expect different results. Pure madness as Einstein would call it. Watu kiasi sana hupiga hesabu za Njaanuary. Juzi pale twirra tumeanza ile vako ya 52-week challenge tena. Hope this time round tutamake it.


Also, last week a pal of mine called asking me to send him some chumz to be refunded hapo majioni. Si we all know how that goes? And the confidence he had asking for the money was such that it was hard to refuse him. As much as he’s my mboyz, I couldn’t help asking him how Tanzania was. Dude had been in Tanzania half of Dec. Kijana amebonda raha ile viserious sio mambo ya kwenda tu ocha kama Wafula.


He said TZ was lit. And on his way back their motie got some issue and they had to get it fixed and with it came some expenses. He was short of cash. Huyu mboyz ni wale wasee sisi huchanuana so I asked him if he’s heard of the KCB MPESA offer. That he can borrow and pay back before midnight at 0% interest. He thought I was bluffing. I told him the offer is currently running and insisted he checks it out.


I would have sorted him out the chumz but pia mimi December imenionesha mambo. Tuko pale na Wafula tukingoja ka-advance but I can’t imagine what will happen to Wafula hiyo kitu ikichelewa. My mboyz hang up and called me a few minutes later to tell me amepata loan and he’ll be able to pay back as soon as akifika Nairobi. At the time of the call he was kedo six hours away. He’d make it before midnight.


And just like that, my boy was sorted. Sijui if you also know that you can borrow multiple times against your loan limit on KCB MPESA? Yeah, borrow multiple loans and pay back later. Na pia wale wasee wa kudai more loan repayment time wako sorted. Once you borrow you can get a loan repayment period of 60 days, for a small rollover fee. This is the new and improved KCB MPESA for you my guy!


Lucky for me, nikienda shagz I’d already shopped for food in the house. But nikama gas ilikuwa imeisha. Now I’ll just top up my loan on KCB MPESA and make it through this 77 days remaining of Njaanuary. Hizi ni life hacks nani. Hii Njaanuary isikulete juu, kaa chonjo. Ukiwa na KCB MPESA, usitense.

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