Of Golfing and Lost Love

15th Jun, 2018

Boy child ameona shida miaka mingi. I remember one of my boys, Johnni, was about to bag a fine ghel but that love story took a quick turn for the worse. After months of texting and nights of hour-long calls, Johnni alikuwa ameona ‘target locked’ na btw ukweli usemwe, alitia bidii. The dates began. Mara pizza, mara club, mara museum; these two loitered the streets of Nairobi. I was of course third wheeling in case hesabu za Johnni zikose kuingiana. Mimi ndio wingman baba yao. You should have seen us everywhere, sisi na the Nyamwezi traders one side!

It was all going well, in fact in my head I wasn’t single – until the day of meeting fwain ghel’s folks came. Niliambia Johnni ingekuwa weird mi kuenda but hakuna mtu kichwa ngumu kama mwanaume anajiamini. So we went ?

Kumbe fine ghel walikuwa mabarbie hivi???? I saw their house and compound nikakumbuka tule tumia tatu nilikuwa na changia for dates but cha muhimu ni uhai. So the dad suggested we go for a game of golf pale Muthaiga. Ushamba si ushamba. Let’s just say that was the last time we ever saw fine ghel.

Fast forward to present day 2018, we are older and wiser. So jana I was at Karen Country Club for the launch of KCB Karen Masters golf tourney. The first thing that grabbed my attention was the green. Wueh, kuna nyasi na kuna nyasi. Nyasi zingine ni za group of schools nani. The place is scenic.

The set up was really awesome. The photo section had this royal seat manned by two African themed bodiis, symbolizing the 152 kings of golf that will be battling it out for the prize money of $150,000. Bauss! Ukiona prize money imewekwa in dollars, ujue hiyo ni compe serious! Imagine probox ngapi unaweza buy na hiyo doh bana! Tafakari hayo.

The tournament runs from 17th July – 22nd July. If you’re a golf fanatic or are looking to have a good time, keep it here for ticketing info. After the ground shaking remarks from the organizers and title sponsors KCB’s Paul Russo, there was dance. Na si odi dance my fren’. The team of dancers really psyched up the crowd with killer African moves. Alafu the confetti was blown up in the air, officially launching the KCB Karen Masters 2018 tournament and unveiling the blue jacket. Hiyo mbwenya ndo winner atapata in addition to scooping a good chunk of change (think of it as a fleet of many proboxs).

KCB as the main title sponsors have given 12 Million Kenya shillings towards the event. Sisi tunapenda sports. This sponsorship is just the beginning of many more to come.

Did I mention that this KCB Karen Masters tournament is part of the Sunshine Tour Golf tournament? As in, the Sunshine Tour is like our African World Cup for golf. Inakuanga huko South Africa ,lakini this year wameamua Kenya needs to be part of the action (2018 really is our year!)  This time round its top players will be playing in the KCB Karen Masters, taking the whole tournament to a whole new level.

More reason why you shouldn’t miss out on this event. And you know what they say about golf, on the green is where you make networks too. So yeah, chukua club (na si F2) and make your way to the KCB Karen Masters 2018.Hakikisha umebuy ticko zikianza kuuzwa; usicome useme unajua Witty Banker.


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