Personal Finance Tips That Will Take You Through The December Holidays

24th Nov, 2017

“…Tis the season to be jolly!” Yes, it may only be mid-November, but Christmas is definitely in the air. The season that calls for family time and spreading joy can also cause you a lot of worry and an empty bank account come the end of December. Here are a few personal finance tips to get you through this Christmas mayhem:

  1. Budget, budget, budget!

This is the most important tip, that’s why I’m repeating it three times. Take some time to write down your holiday budget, and don’t forget to account for everything; whether you are planning to take a trip up country with family or to the Coast with friends. Budget for all expenses so you do not run into any surprises by the end of your trip.

  1. Do your research and comparison shop.

When buying friends and family gifts, look around online to try and find the best deal. Chances are, you will find the item you are looking for listed at a cheaper price on an online shop. In fact, if you do this early enough, your presents and gifts will be shipped to you or your loved ones right on time!

  1. Stay away from shopping malls this season.

Yes, they may have the best deals at this specific time of the year, but remember, you have a December budget in mind. There is a shopping frenzy that will grab you when you walk in and are surrounded by discounts and offers, however, do not let this deter you from staying within your financial allocations.

  1. Save up this season.

Yes! Save money! That may seem like the weirdest advice; to save money at a time when gifts and bonuses are coming at you freely. But what better time to do this than now? If you wait until January, your pockets will be empty; your gifts already in use and your bonus will seem like a dream already 12 months in the past. Saving does not mean putting the entirety of your bonus pay in a savings account, instead, you can use the KCB Goal Savings account to ensure that Christmas is not the season to be broke.

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