Prospects of a New Year

3rd Jan, 2020

Imetuhit hamsalimiwangwi 😂😂.  The Witty Banker anakujanga tu hapa anaanza kupiga kelele na kuteta and you guys allow it… smh, kwani hamjiheshimu ata? Wau! Could never be us! 😂😂

Sospeter and Wafula here. You blogger amekatalia ushago but if were being honest we were debating the chances that he/she (now you’re confused) squandered her fare? Is there a chance? Also, we’ve seen how he/she paints us on this blog. You think you know someone…

We’ll take it up with them when they come back. Since we’re all here we might as well just jump right to it. First, we just wanna state how dope it is to get to write to you guys again. The Witty Banker is so stingy with this platform 🙄🙄

But we get it. You have to be protective of your art. Kwanza leo tumekuja tutaharibu.

Alafu anakuwanga na kizungu mingi. This will be hard! But, anyway, tunasonga…

What do you guys have in store for 2020? Or the inverse as well? We look forward to the… wait, ‘kuruka mwaka’ na kizungu ni? Ok, you get it. But what does that really mean? We were just chatting on our way from Muthurwa to work. (Btw gah😳! Mnashukianga mat huko aje kwani hamjipendi? Tumeona vile hatujawai ona and trust us, tumeona mengi. Wueh Gaza huko…)

Anyhu, so were talked about a few things. Particularly how 2020 can be different. We’re sure story zetu (ata za uongo) mmeziskia but here’s a plain canvas so tunapanga kucheza kama sisi… the new sisi. Here are a few things we’re set our minds to look at and pick out what we’ll settle for and actually follow through.

Chama: We’re still trying to understand why this is not in those ‘carry lunch from home to save’ lists. Honestly, like imagine if someone actually told you to start saving in a group when you were much younger. Ungekuwa wapi saa hii? Wale wajnaja washaanza kujenga and doing all sorts of big things. But on the flipside, we know that life no race so it’s never too late to start; but you will HAVE to start at some point.

Health and fitness: Chipo za Odeon, it’s not you it’s us. That’s all we can say.

Talent/hobby: Mtaishi enjoyment? Mkinyeshewa na kupatia watu pesa zenu kila weekend? Haha. Could never be us. Y’all know that thing about an idle mind? Not bashing enjoyment but we if you’re not an ‘influenza’ being paid to basically leave at the sherehe, kaa kwako. Read a book, paint, make something. Your pocket and your mind will thank you. Hii itauma watu. Come fight us.

Charity: Maybe ndio maana tunakuwanga tumesota? The good book says something about giving and receiving; as well as paying it forward. You could be the means to someone’s end. All we’re saying is that a candle won’t lose its fire for lighting up another. Tafakari ya babu (Na anakuwanga babu ya nani btw?)

Upgrade: Okay, we won’t disclose what each of us is upgrading. Mnaezajudge and we cannot ascend with that sort of energy. But why do you put off that upgrade year-on-year? Because discipline, sacrifice and proper plan are words we identify as nouns. That’s why.

Friends: It just hit us that in doing this, we’re helping out The Witty Banker and keeping him out of trouble. He/She loves you guys but if he fails to post, he/she will have some explaining to do. And while we’ve been friends for years, youth clouds a lot of things and so this year we’re being intentional in building bonds that build the bond (Haha, you’re favourite rapper isn’t on our level)

Hiyo kizungu imeweza ama…?

Baadae wasee, (Na mumbie huyu mtu wenu arudi!)

Sospeter na Wafs.

(Ok, that felt really good!)

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