Return Of The KCB Rally

3rd Apr, 2019

First off, how exciting is it to have the KCB rally back? The first and only rally event I ever attended was one for the books. The perks of partying with peers outside the norm aka club hopping in Westi brought about some awesome experiences. Nani hii Nairobi hapendi raha?  Alafu tuseme tu ukweli, we all like out of town events, hakuna kusumbuliwa na wazazi ati unarudi saa ngapi: D.


The last KCB rally I attended turned into one of the most lit events I’ve been to. It was 2015 and my boys and I decided to roadtrip to Eldee. At first I wasn’t sold, because manze we had to wake up at 5am to get to the place on time (na vile niliacha hizo vako za kuamka mapema highschool, never to look back).


But after kuchochwa kidogo, us those, road tripping til Eldoret. The trip was fun, but kama kawaida, maswara ziutokea. Two hours after we hit the haiweiiiii, we hit a pothole and there went our tire. Sema stranded -_- .Mara trying  to flag down a nduthi guy to take us to the nearest petrol station, mara being charged crazy amounts for a new tire… we ended up using all the cash we’d set aside for provisions on fixing the car. So now we had a moti, but no cash.


Then I remembered KCB M-PESA, I’d never tried it (because  but nilisort) so, I figured why not. That loan ingiad in five minutes and we were able to settle all the costs! I couldn’t believe how fast and efficient that was. Not long after we were back on road. KCB really came through, we were sorted bana!


We finally got to Eld – and we were impressed to say the least. I saw that it wasn’t a kawaida event, there was loaaaads of things to do. Aside from enjoying the race, there were group activities like a PlayStation hub (might I add how I chapad several guys in FIFA), charades, scavenger hunts, drinks and music which kept us engaged during the rally. The weather, vibes and people were amazing as well! When the activities got kidogo overwhelming, we parked next to the track, played music from our ride, and because of my love for nyama, we had a small barbeque and enjoyed a few cold ones.



Of course the petroholics and the cheers baba guys made the experience even better with all the banter and that ‘si we kunywa and enjoy the event’ mentality. You could never go wrong with those guys for sure. Si we are here for a good time not a long time? (Don’t quote me, quote drake.)

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