Saluting All The Super Moms

17th May, 2017

How many of you can say they received a thorough beating from their mothers? Don’t lie! Most of us have. Especially when you were caught red handed with sugar smeared all over your face.

But think about it. Do you believe that you would be who you are if it wasn’t for your mother? Everything she did for you was purely out of love.  From the day you were born, she had to sacrifice her own luxuries to ensure that you got the best of everything. You don’t know but she wakes up an hour earlier than everyone else so that she can prepare breakfast for everyone.

She sleeps later than everyone else to ensure that your shirt for tomorrow is ironed and the dishes are cleaned. During the day she rushes to work to sweat for that extra cash that will buy you the fashionable jeans you’ve been eyeing or the coolest gadget that’s been trending. Yet, even she does not have these gadgets, these fancy clothes, herself. Mothers create a safe haven where we can deposit all our fears, seek advice and receive comfort. She’s basically Supermom!!!

There are at least three key lessons that we can say we have learnt from our mothers.

First, Be Yourself. Authenticity earns you respect and establishes an honest relationship both in your personal and professional life.

Secondly, Stay focused on your goals and stop comparing yourself to others. Living by this mantra increases your success rate. Additionally, you should be channeling all your energy towards realizing your goals.

Last but definitely not least, Be Positive. No matter who you are or where you come from, positivity goes a long way.  The Universe responds to your thoughts. Think Happy – EVERYDAY.

Mothers day should not be the only day to celebrate your mother. Let it be the culmination of all you’ve done throughout the year. After all, you only have one mother so treat her like the Queen she is.

You owe it to her after all she’s done for you!

Happy Mother’s All-Year Round Super Moms!! KCB LOVES YOU!!

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