Shining in Shagz!

1st Oct, 2019

Walapas watu wangu! Mmetegemea end month kama mimi?

Manze I am looking forward to it not only because it means cash in my pocket, but it means December is now a little closer. My plan this coming festive season nikuserereka vinoma. I also need to go see my people at home. Nimewahata mbaya.

Lakini starehe pia inahitaji kupangwa. So this year, nataka watu wa ocha wanitambue kiasi. I am tired of being the broke Uncle wa maswiti, nikizisambaza like a hawker kwa City Hopper.

See the thing with shagz is, you are measured by what you bring from the big city. You should see those ‘cool’ uncles with their bales of Unga ya Chapati, enough to make chapos until kingdom come, or my cousin who went to Gikomba and bought Christmas outfits. I think they sweep the road when they see her coming these days.

Anyway, hata mimi nataka kushine this time round. I have saved a bit so nitapitia pale Wholesale ya Mama Caro ninunue sabuni hivi ndio watu wang’are, some rice for pilau, and a few other things to make sure I earn a little respect.

But really, the thing I want to do the most, is to give my mum and siblings something really special. My sister will be clearing fourth form this year so anadai kasimu hivi and my brother ni mse wa football and needs a new jersery. Mathe loves her kitchen, so I want to get her something nice too.

Sospeter, kama mtu wangu, will get a nice big book ju siku hizi imebidi akuwe chali m-intellectual because kuna msupa amesoma mbaya anajaribu kukatia. Funny guy! But I am happy for him, self-development nini nini.

To help me meet the cost of all these things, nimeplan kuredeem my KCB Simba Points. I have been collecting them steadily every time I transact on my account using mobile money, use my card to pay for items or used my internet banking. Hizo points sasa I can redeem them for a voucher for shopping at different outlets and even restaurants. I can also get a phone and other electronics from the Simba shop so mfuko haitaparara sana. Sitaki January ikue ngori.

Wewe je? Umeplan kuget bidhaa kadhaa? If you’ve been accumulating your Simba Points, unaweza ukareedem for vouchers from one of our Simba Partners. Lakini kama bado, please sign up by dialing *522#, selecting My Account, Simba Points and then Enroll ndio next year so you too can gift the people you love bila stress.

Over and out,

Witty Banker

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