So tunaenda Men’s Conference this Valentine’s Day pia ama we are in love?

31st Jan, 2020

Just when January imeisha and we thought we were out of the woods ndio hizo taabu zingine in the name of Valentine’s Day. Can a guy catch a break aki! It’s all good though, we must soldier on… So we’ve made it through the toughest month of the year! I salute you all BTW, haikuwa jokes. Lakini sasa I hope you’ve learnt your lesson and you’re planning on making better financial decisions ama you’re one of those people for kesi baadaye?

Anyhu, the month of love is upon us, lovers and friends. Gear up for the mushy mushy props in the malls, those in-your-face love ads, and all the talk around Valentine’s Day in the few days to come. But also there are some nice nice deals that you should probably consider taking advantage of.

Heeeh! Of course we are not forgetting the infamous annual men’s conference. LOL. Boy child, you can’t be escaping your responsibilities every year. Lakini I feel you. There is usually so much hype and pressure around this date and sometimes iss tew much! This year mnaenda wapi?

BTW mnajua kweli where this day originated from? Let me school you… So there was a chap back in the third century AD named St. Valentine who was imprisoned for arranging marriages for soldiers in secret. Apparently watu wa jeshi were not allowed to marry as it affected their performance. So a certain Emperor, Claudius II banned marriage. Some of you would be very happy if you lived in this age, ey? Sasa this Valentine guy was killed on the 14th of Feb, but before then he left a letter to the jailer’s daughter (eh, these enzis events were juicy) and signed it off “from your Valentine”. Now you have at least one talking point on that your coming Valentine’s date, don’t say I’ve never saidiad you!

Guys! Love is a beautiful thing. IDK why you guys konda so much when you think about it. I was just speaking to Sospeter and Wafula and they mentioned that women put unrealistic expectations on men and as much as it may have some truth to it, why not show some love to your better half? Even famo and pals, BTW it shouldn’t just revolve around romantic partners.

If you have been planning on ingizaing that mami box, aki here is your chance. Kama ako single ebu plan a ka surprise for her this Valentine’s ndio ajue uko serious. Those of you who are blessed enough to have better halves, we hope you have some money left after kumaliza madeni na bills za January. For those of you who’s calendars go from 13th to 15th pia ni sawa. You can join the bandwagon of the men attending their annual conference.

Lakini I don’t understand why us men usually act surprised when 14th draws close, like we didn’t know our women will be expecting to be wined and dined. Kama uko chini, remember you can always borrow a small loan from KCB and do something thoughtful for the Mrs. Alafu salo ya Feb ikicheck in pay it back immediately. Yeah, then you can get a bit serious about saving more, ama?

Also, count your blessings this is the shortest month of the year. And keep an eye out for our social media pages because KCBae has a few surprises for our loyal customers this Valentine’s. You do know we love you, right?

Over and out, Witty Banker

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So tunaenda Men’s Conference this Valentine’s Day pia ama we are in love?

Just when January imeisha and we thought we were out of the woods ndio hizo taabu zingine in the ...

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