Sospeter Ule Msee Wa Roho Safi…

12th Nov, 2018

What I didn’t tell you last week, is that Sospeter has a way with people. Heck, look at me. I spend half the time plotting how I can discretely ship him off to Pakistan but then I think, “Meh, he’s not so bad, this chap.” He really is though. I don’t know how to put it.

*sips my Chinese tea*. Yes, we’re still in China. Sospeter alinunua pencil cup which he’s carrying around. Amedai hutu tuvikombe tudogo ni twa kucheza Kalongo. Anyway, so the day we were leaving na huko kwenu Nairobi, we ran into a bit of a sitch. Of course kama ningekuwa peke yangu najua kuna shida hazingenipata. Sospeter prepared for this trip vile mtu hupanga kurudi shule midterm ikiisha.

My woes began when we agreed to meet pale Kencom. The guy had errands to run and they couldn’t wait till we were back. Boychild asked me to take him plus I needed to buy some stuff of my own so tukaanza mzururo pale tao.

Everything was going well until we went to withdraw cash at a KCB Mtaani agent pale downtown because I left my phone there and didn’t realize it until much later when we had made several other stops. How was I going to flex my China trip on the Gram without a phone? The minute it hit us, we still had several other places to go. When you’re international, your local errands are a thing of bulk handling. Lakini nyinyi hamuezi jua hivyo *laughs in Njugush*

After two stops, Sospeter got a brilliant idea akapigia msee wake wa kurepair simu who is based huko downtown. That guy’s phone has seen more repairs than zile bucket za kuchomelea. But haidhuru. Sospeter directed him to the Mtaani agent. Moments later after kuskumwaskumwa pale Tom Mboya, the fella arrived with a phone in a brown envelope. It had my name on it and details of my office. While I was making the transaction, Sospeter was chatting up this peng telling her we work for KCBae pale Kencom and even flaunted his work ID for a hunnie. She had planned to send a nduthi guy with it to our office.

I wanted to part with a kafefte to say thanks to this angel but he turned it down citing, “Sospeter ni mtu wangu, haina shida.” I thought, “Sospeter anaeza kuwa mtu wa mtu? Labda wao huiba pamoja.” As I have said many times before: Ni msee mtricky sana huyu!

Kumbe kuskumwaksumwa tao means you could be getting robbed. After the guy left, we walked over to some shop in Koja. Sospeter had ordered a green suit for his flight. I know, I stopped asking questions. When he was going to pay for it, he noticed his wallet was missing. But kusema ukweli the way I know this chap labda hata hakuwa nayo. After moments of shock and a lot of, “Mimi hii Nairobi aki!”s, he asked me to pay for the suit. It was important that he had this suit. I allowed it.

He’d okolead me so I paid shingo upande. Plus Sospeter is legit the worst person when he’s cranky. I didn’t want to imagine being stuck with him in a 15hour flight akiwa amefura.

We walked out. Well, at least I did, he was skipping in happiness. That green suit, wueh. We went to Kencom kufeelisha interns kiwaru and to tell them that we all have 24hours because they needed to evaluate why they didn’t get chosen for this trip. *Laughs in more Njugush*

We left and set out for the airport. Kufika Mombasa Road, an intern called Sospeter akasema tuliahca passport yangu kwa desk yake. I nearly cried. Sospeter asked him to help us get it back. The intern akadai anaenda meeting.

This guy is quite the quick thinker. He called the tea lady, who they’re really good pals with. I has no idea coz I can bet you all my few shillings on my KCB Goal account that he takes his breakfast on credit nearly every day. He explained the sitch and in no time, we were being trailed by a nduthi guy who later caught up with us. I got my passport. Again, the nduthi guy turned down my kakitu to say thanks. He cited the tea lady had sorted him.

When I think about it, Sospeter has a way with people and maintaining great bonds. Even with me, I wouldn’t really ship him to Pakistan no matter how much he tries me.

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Bado mimi na Sospeter tunachukua order za cable so kama unajua mtu akona hardware, tujengane.




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