Stay Healthy For Less

19th Apr, 2017

Half of the people I know including YOU (Yes, YOU!!) began this year with the resolution to take up healthy lifestyles. By the end of January, they were on track and we were proud of them, but as the hustle and bustle of life became real, they began slacking off slowly.

First it was the two sausages in the morning, then the alternate gym visits, and then almost immediately they are the ring leaders to the hippest “nyama choma” joint in town.

Ni sawa tu, Mungu anawaona.

But on a serious note though, lifestyle diseases are getting the better of us and we are slowly getting engrossed in the sleep, eat, work and drink society. For a majority, the ultimate consequence of this lifestyle is not a happy ending.

It is high time we embraced a healthy routine that will keep us strong and ensure we live to see that promotion we are tirelessly working towards.

Plan your Meals

Just like everything in life, planning is the most important phase of every development. Plan the number of meals you intend to take and what you will consume. This way, you will be able to plan your budget around the necessities. Carrying out all your shopping needs at a go, also saves time and resources. Most importantly, sticking to your shopping list is paramount.

Cook at Home

Eating at home ensures that you stick to your diet and also restricts you from spending on food that you might as well have cooked at home. Home cooked food is also healthier, as you procure hygienic levels to your own standards and this way you will worry less about contracting any disease.

Do not shop when hungry

Let this be your cardinal rule. When you’re hungry, you often crave foods that aren’t good for you or your budget. Try to grab a piece of fruit, yogurt or other healthy snack before you go to the store.

Pack your lunch

Using your money to buy lunch is always the biggest culprit of buying unhealthy and expensive lunch at the office cafeteria or restaurant. Carrying your own lunch will limit your options and ensure you stick to your healthy supplement.

With the basics covered, next time we will proceed with part two of living healthy!

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