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24th Oct, 2017

On the 24th of October, 2009, 181 countries participated in a grassroots climate change movement to take on the fossil fuel industry and solve the climate crisis. Data from NASA shows that the planet has been warming at an average 1⁰ C between 1880 and 2016.

Environmental science proves that the globe is warming at an alarming rate; caused by our collective consumption of fossil fuels. However, there is also an outline to fixing this, also proven by environmental science, which entails keeping carbon in the ground, building new, more equitable low-carbon economies and pressuring governments into limiting emissions. These guidelines were set by 350.org, a non-profit environmental organization.

Here at KCB, we stick to a Green Agenda following the guidelines above. We have pinned the increasing global carbon dioxide emissions as being due to industrial development, energy consumption, lighting and transportation. The benefits of the Green Agenda result in reduced costs; reduced waste and emissions; increased responsibility of stakeholders and running a sustainable business.

By running our business on the tenets of environmental, economic and social sustainability, we believe that the KCB Group is at a better standing to impact the bottom line and affect environmental change.

We also believe that change begins with us and therefore adhere to a 24-point agenda that involves us turning Green in operations, offices, procurement and lighting at our branches. Specifically, the agenda involves reducing paper consumption; installing renewable energy; reduce, reuse, recycle, reclaim and reconsider our procurement processes; saving toner and reusing or re-sharing stationery & office supplies.

As such, we applaud NEMA for successfully executing a ban on disposable plastic bags and seeing the introduction of reusable carrier bags to call the nation to respond to global action to change the climate.

The International Day of Climate Action is not simply a day of action; it is a grassroots movement that calls for change from scientific knowledge to consciously lower our consumption of fossil fuels. The KCB Group utilizes our Green Agenda daily to reduce our footprint and encourage others in our business dealings to do the same.


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