The Lion Hearted Team

19th Apr, 2018

I wouldn’t say I’m gaga for sports. Save for the occasional betting because of ‘some research I was doing.’ Or perhaps the P.E lessons za kukimbia cross country in my highschool days. I tried out a sport but let’s not go there. I would Paul Tergat that track because it was the only glimpse of freedom since nilikataliwa Music Club so I never went for Music Festival (they rejected me a drummer pia ).

However, this job at KCBae has seen me attend the Rally, Rhino Charge, soccer games and the gentleman’s game – Rugby. I have seen many things in my life but what happens on those pitches is something out of a movie. Fujo tu! But organized fujo which makes it fascinating. Ushawai chapa mtu na mpango? That’s rugby for you!

So I covered this year’s just concluded season and my my! KCB Rugby team issa beast! I say this because among many things, they won the entire Kenya Cup UNBEATEN! Wueh! The pics I posted on Twitter would have the telltale signs of someone shaking like a leaf with both fright and excitement. Kidogo  kidogo, jamaa fulani anaitwa Curtis Laiko ametackle msee pale. Happy belated birthday by the way Capt’n!

(Caption: KCB Rugby Captain, Curtis Laiko)

Curtis shares a name with the coach captain – Curtis Olago. Ukiwaita wote wanaitika just like you and your cousins mkiwa shaggz! Which actually brought me to think how tightly bound like family this team is. Despite all the roughness pale pitch. These guys know how to play Rugby like it should be played. They know the difference between feeling the rain and just getting wet; I have seen these chaps play soulfully in the rain and bring the cup home. This is why KCBae is uber proud of them. And they know how to look out for each other. At a time when the rugby fraternity is fraught with all manner of things, this team makes me proud to say that they showed me victories, taught me rugby, gave me a family and ultimately gave KCBae pride. I couldn’t possibly put it any better. This is an appreciation post to the team.

(Caption: KCB Rugby Coach, Curtis Olago)


By the way, we also have an advocate set to join the high court on the team, Collins Wanjala hapo chini.

And now the team…

15. Darwin Mukidza, 14. Adrian Opondo, 13. Peter Kilonzo, 12. Brian Omondi, 11. Jacob Ojee, 10. Shaban Ahmed, 9. Mike Wanjala, 1. Oscar Simiyu, 2. Peter Karia, 3. Curtis Lilako (c), 4. Nick Ongeri, 5. Oliver Mang’eni, 6. Davis Chenge, 7. Brian Nyikuli, 8. Peter Waitere 16. Griffin Musila, 17. Nelson Nyandat, 18. Moses Amusala, 19. Martin Owila, 20. Felix Ojow, 21. Marlin Mukolwe, 22. Ken Moseti, 23. Collins Wanjala.
You guys are simply phenomenal.

If what I have seen is what it means to be part of a team, then heck, I’m calling my high school hockey team – in which I played for two days before kugongwa hadi magoti zikaangaliana.

Tupatane pale Ambassadeur.


Be sure to follow the lion hearted team on Instagram and Twitter: @kcbrugby



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