The Lions are Coming

5th Sep, 2017

It has been a long month and most of us feel like the entire year was spent in this month. Nevertheless, life must go on. With news dominating the better part of our television screens and the weather increasingly getting colder, majority of Kenyans have relied on Netflix as their main source of entertainment and warmth.

That said, there is no need to worry about how you are going to spend your Tuesday evenings… KTN and KCB have come together to bring you the show of the season. With the aim of keeping you glued to your screens and your twitter page, Lions’ Den season 2 is back, bigger and better.

If you are looking for the nail biting, hanging on a ledge, Game of Thrones cliffhangers, be assured, that this season the Lions are fiercer and tougher than ever. The one of a kind contestants have also come out in their numbers to prove their worth. With 63 contestants from across 12 counties starring this season, it is the one to watch out for.

With various sectors and industries being represented, make sure every Tuesday 8pm finds you at your favorite sitting room couch, popcorn in hand and phone on silent (because who wants to be interrupted). At this rate you can even lock you door so that unwanted visitors don’t get the pleasure of interfering with your viewing.

In fact, I would advise all spouses to have supper ready by 7pm so that families can catch up until 7:55pm, because from 8:00 pm we should all be enjoying the pin drop silence in the house as the latest and biggest show in Kenya keeps you entertained.

If you are a bachelor or spinster, ensure your mama mboga is your best friend on nights like this. Alternatively, you can make a quick stop at your nearest pizza deli or fast food joint and down your supper in good time.

Traffic should also be banned on Tuesdays specifically so that no one is forced to watch the episodes from their social media pages. If that is not possible, everybody should be out of the office by 6pm, this way even wananchi leaving in Diaspora (United Republic of Rongai) will be home and warm by 8pm.For those who unfortunately can’t make it home in time, you can watch Lions’ Den here

This time, Darshan Chandaria, Wandia Gichuru, Olive Gachara, Kris Senanu and Mike Rabar are coming out to feed and they have given an all access pass to their money, there is just one catch… Do you have what it takes to survive in the Den?

Now this is one show you definitely DO NOT WANT TO MISS!!

Let us meet in the DEN!

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