The Lions Roar in The Rain. (KCB vs Impala)

6th Mar, 2018

You all know which team is still unbeaten in the Kenya Cup Rugby, right? No? Well, it’s our very own KCB Rugby, na haturingi.

On Sato we hosted Impala Saracens in the den. As you well know, the lions rarely trail in the den. Any team that steps in the den gets a feel of the lions’ wrath. In the first half of the game, the rain poured heavily but Simba akinyeshewa bado ni Simba. It was a tough game no doubt.

The weather condition was least favorable sidetracking the KCB rugby team’s initial strategy. Our muscle men gave it their best, fighting tough to come from behind to end the game unbeaten. We have to give credit where it’s due, Impala is a tough team and they put up a good fight but still we managed to get a draw. Let us just say waliponea this time round.


The game turned into a penalties match. No tries made from both sides. You should have seen the tough action in the rain (Stay tuned for more details of upcoming games). At half time, the game was a 3-3 draw. In the last minutes of the game, we were trailing 9 – 6. The team kept pushing and going strong, Darwin Mukidza converted two penalties in the second half equalizing the game.

The Referee, Victor Oduor, the KCB Rugby coach Curtis Olago, and team patron, Job Njiru all shared the same sentiments about the game; stating the weather was a big challenge making it harder for both teams to play at their normal best.


The win however went on to cement our home wins and unbeaten streak in the Kenya Cup. In the previous match, we emerged victorious against Kabras Rugby; good 41 -12.


Watch the game highlights below:

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