Today We Raise Our Glasses Or Coffee Mugs to Our Fathers. Our Heroes

18th Jun, 2017

Did you know that the Thailand King’s birthday also serves as National Father’s Day? Sema kujipenda, Eh! Anyways, that is not why we are here. We are here to appreciate and honour our Fathers not only today, but always. For starters, Father’s Day is marked annually across the World on the third Sunday of June—in this year’s case, June 18, 2017.

A father has many roles to play, all tied up into the well-being of the family. African fathers have especially been accused of not exhibiting their emotions and while this may be the case, the fact that they still pay your school fees, send you Christmas messages and probably call you from time to time suggests that may be their way of showing affection. So let us not judge harshly alright?

We often lay a lot of importance to the sacrifices our mothers make but let us sit down and think about the many times our fathers have almost broken a limb ensuring we get the best in life. Whether living or dead, our fathers are legends in their own right and we should make an effort to recognize them more often. Apart from the many roles our fathers play, we attribute three main characteristics to our development

Dad is always our provider. A significant percentage of households have a father as the breadwinner.  He ensures that the bills are paid, the children are educated and his wife is constantly showered with love and affection for her equally hard work of being a mother.

Dad is our protector. It is vital that his family feels safe and so he does everything in his power to ensure that he protects his family, both physically and emotionally.

Dad is our teacher. The vast amount of knowledge and principles he possesses is astonishing!!! A father ensures that his family constantly learns, grows and develops into honorable individuals in the society. Learning from his past experiences acts as a lesson and motivation to do better in life.

If it were not for our fathers, we would not be the people we are today. As cliché as this sounds, it is true!!! Dads have surpassed themselves by proving the implausibility of the propaganda we sometimes see or hear discrediting them. They have taught us kindness, love, respect and so much more.

Raise your glass (or coffee mug) to all the Fathers and Father figures out there; their unwavering presence is appreciated.

Happy Father’s Day to All our Heroes!!!We love and appreciate you!

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