Top 4 Resolutions For 2017

20th Jan, 2017

I hear it’s customary for the new intern to write an article as part of initiation. Still doubting that story. Anyway, here goes;

Let us not lie to ourselves, the New Year always comes with new promises and change in behavior. Fact of the matter is, for most of us, we find ourselves re-adjusting back to our same old selves.

Let us make this resolution together and have each other’s backs. We can take stock as we go along and keep each other in check. Because, that is what friends do, right?

Make extra money. Whether you have been working for one year, five or ten, you probably realize by now that you will not own that Jaguar by solely depending on your salary.

We will therefore engage in economically building activities that will enrich you in various spheres of your life. I say this because, making money without learning from the process is totally useless.

On that note, I am looking for a business partner, so anyone interested just holla!

What do you say folks? Great, on to the next one…

Education . With the world getting more competitive by the minute an extra degree, masters, or doctorate can catapult you extensively.

These days it is much easier because, there are bursaries, scholarships and financial aid programmes in every institution. Don’t wait for the year to advance to give yourself another excuse to postpone it.

The Nairobi CBD has universities, colleges and institutions in every corner, so once you are done reading this, enter those portals and start searching. Once you find what you are interested in, APPLY NOW! I promise you will regret it.

Fitness. You never realize how blessed you are until you are in the hospital waiting room struggling to pull yourself together.

Studies in Kenya show that lifestyle diseases are rapidly increasing yet they are easily avoidable. Let us get healthy people! More greens and if you need to hit the gym then do it. Sooner rather than later.

Travel. How many of you can count 5 wild animals found in the Kenyan National parks?

Just hook up and fund-raise with your friends or family. A road trip once a month in different regions will greatly impact your knowledge.

That said, Let us touch base and take stock later on in the year. All the best!!


By: I'm just the new intern

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