25th May, 2018

So many of you admitted to seeing the promo where KCB was set to award two lucky KCB Visa card users with a chance to watch the thrill of the games live in Russia this coming month. Which is great! But so many also admitted to not giving it a second thought which breaks my heart juu walai kama I wasn’t a KCB employee, ninge-swipe kila mahali. I’d even envisioned how my pasua guy would get the POS (yenye slay queens wanaitanga ‘the swiping thingy…’)

Anyway, si ati naskia wivu. The results for the serial KCB Card swipers are in and the names are out! They will grace the Russian Luzhniki Stadium seats for the opening and final matches! Mimi nitawatchia kwa local pale kwa Njoro so in the coming weeks, ni deni tu nalipa so I can start a clean book when the games begin. We have an arrangement. If you can’t do this at your local, is it even your local??

One Samson Ayugi, a man of 5 decades, won this scoop and guess what, he’s taking his son Gershom, a young lad of 22! They really paint the perfect picture. Here it is: Gershom is the captain of the KCA football team; they will be strengthening a father-son bond, over the biggest football event in the world, watching a sport that is talked about all year round, in a country that is over 6,000KM away from home. Mimi when I was 22 my dad alikuwa tu ananiuliza nahama lini. Life.

Samson recounts how he grew up watching the World Cup from the floor of a teacher’s staff room back in the 70s and now the man is going to watch it live with his son in Russia! That sounds to us like an amazing title for a book – This story is for tears!

The second winner is Willy Wainaina 33, who will be going with his wife Esther. Boychild, standards have been raised! Ghels will no longer accept “I’ve gone to watch the game with my boyz.” Willy is a tour operator going on tour! The way these two relate, couple goals have been put on factory reset!

The story of these four is a well of many teachings. Allow me to quickly walk you through them:

Your mtura guy needs a POS machine. Walai the next card swiping campaign has to find you prepared and aligned to your spending power.

Badala ya kushinda umeinamisha kichwa kwa matatu ukikimbiza udaku wozzap group (like me), look up, look outside, look at the billboards coz you never know.

Win things for you and your loved ones!

If you have a 22 year old, take them to Russia.

Ladies, you are now one of the ‘boyz’- be part of form ya ball.

Nilisomea metal work and woodwork but I am now a content creator. Whether you’re picked or not picked, just get up, get dressed, show up. There were cash prizes too for this promo.

(Saving best for last) Bank with KCB!





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